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Thread: WEEKEND PICK-UPS (Show & Shop)

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    WEEKEND PICK-UPS (Show & Shop)

    Was out of town this weekend, stopped by a shop and on the way back hit a show. These will be on photobucket tommorrow, the link is in my sig. Here is what I got, unless it say's NFT then they are available:

    2005 Ken Griffey Jr. Origins Old Junge Autograph
    2005 Miguel Cabrera Prime Patches Jersey Autograph 22/25
    2003 Willie Mays Bowman Chrome Gold Refractor #351
    2003 Willie Mays Bowman Chrome Refractor #351

    2004 Peyton Manning/Eli Manning UD Foundations Dual Endorsements Autograph #DE-MM
    2005 Marcus Allen UD Legends "Legends of the Hall" Autograph 19/25
    2005 Charlie Frye Bowman Chrome Green Refractor Uncirculated 333/399 #128
    2005 Zach Tuiasosopo Bowman Chrome Green Refractor Uncirculated Rc 179/399
    2004 Kellen Winslow Jr. Topps Chrome Black Refractor Rc 016/100 #225
    2004 Roy Williams (WR) Topps Chrome Refractor Rc #175
    2004 Larry Fitzgerald Upper Deck SP Limited Rc #202
    2003 Byron Leftwich Topps Pristine Rc 0351/1499 #67
    2003 Willis McGahee Topps Pristine Rc 1262/1499 #148
    2003 Carson Palmer Topps Pristine Rc #75
    2001 Anthony Henry Bowman Chrome Gold Refractor Rc 14/99 #117

    2003 Robinson Cano Bowman Heritage Signs of Greatness Autograph (THIS MY GIRLFRIENDS)
    2005 Mark Teixeira/Ryan Howard Reflections Dual Autograph 31/99 (ALSO HERS)
    2005 Ryan Zimmerman Bowman Heritage Rc SP #340
    2005 Ryan Zimmerman Topps Update Rc #UH323 (x2)
    2002 Jason Bay Topps Chrome Rc #326
    2002 Jason Bay Topps Gold Label Rc #157
    2005 Rich Harden Prime Patches Autograph (Brothers)
    2005 Rich Harden Origins Autograph (also HIS)

  2. Kronozio
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    What could you sell these for this is the kind of stuff my daughter and I collect for her books.

    2003 Willie Mays Bowman Chrome Gold Refractor #351
    2003 Willie Mays Bowman Chrome Refractor #351

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    Hey!!!! How Much would Ya Sell the Manning Brother's Auto for????


    THANKS ALOT!!!!!!!!

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    ill pm you

    the gold books $30 and the ref is $10, i would sell the pair for $15 shipped

    entertaining offers

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    interested in the griffey auto, manning dual auto, and marcus allen auto

    plmk thanks

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    PM me can you hold them until Friday and I will send well hidden cash.

    Clay S.

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    nothing i needed but would sell

    what do you have auto wiese to trade

    sounds good

    zimmerman auto, aaron auto, chambers 3 clr patch, chambers gold refractor,

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