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    Topps UFC Finest 2013

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    By G. Kerry Webster
    Posted March 21, 2003

    As collectors await the April release of Topps UFC Knockout 2013, Topps is busy preparing its next offering to collectors – Topps UFC Finest 2013.
    Collectors who tear open any of this product, due out in hobby shops of August 28, will notice something collectors haven’t seen since Topps UFC 2009 — all UFC logos.
    Prior to the release of Topps UFC Main Event in early 2010, the Zuffa acquired the World Extreme Cagefighting organization and Topps began using the WEC logo on card front. Not long after, cards bearing the Strikeforce logo began appearing in sets.
    But in Finest 2013, collectors may find the words “WEC” or “Strikeforce” on the card back, however, all cards will now bear the UFC logo.
    “Personally, that’s something really nice because I don’t have to keep leafing through the cards making sure they have the correct logo,” laughed Jeremy Fullerton, Topps UFC brand manager. “I knew there was going to come a time when all the organizations would combine into one. Since Finest is one of our best looking UFC products, it’s going to be nice to see just UFC logos in the set.
    Topps UFC Finest 2013 features the top fighting talent of the UFC in a 100-card base set with two inserts sets, plenty of parallels and relics and autographs galore. Each hobby mini-box will contain six packs of cards and delivers a jumbo fighter relic, a jumbo mat relic and an autograph or autograph relic card. East master box is guaranteed to have either an autograph relic or a multi-subject autograph card.
    Parallels will be inserted one per pack in Finest 2013. These include the non-numbered Refractor parallel; the blue Refractor parallel numbered to 188; the gold refractor parallel numbered to 88; the black Octa-Fractor parallel numbered to 8; and the 1/1 Superfractor parallel.
    The Finest Moment insert set returns highlighting 25 fighters and the most memorable moments of the past year. Parallels for this subset are the same as the base cards. Fifteen of the subjects have autographed cards in the set. Parallel autograph versions include Octa-Fractor numbered to 8 and the 1/1 Superfractor.
    A new insert for Finest is UFC Valor. Borrowed from a football product, Valor depicts 25 UFC fighters in a gladiator-themed style card. Parallel versions, which contain a different word behind the fighter include Strength, numbered to 188; Heart numbered to 88; Glory numbered to 8; and the 1/1 Valor parallel. Fifteen fighters also autographed Valor insert cards. In addition to the non-numbered version, collectors can find Glory parallels numbered to 8 and the 1/1 Valor parallel.
    Several familiar relic cards are included in Finest, including jumbo threads and jumbo mat cards. Each set is expected to have up to 30 fighters or personalities featured.
    Lots of autographs are also to be had. In addition to the Finest Moments and Valor signature, Topps is once again offering regular autograph cards – stickers and on-card – with parallels to include Gold Refractors numbered to 25, black Octa-Fractors numbered to 8 and the 1/1 Superfractor parallel.
    Autographed glove redemption cards will be included in the set, as will the popular Thoughts from the Boss autograph series, featuring UFC President Dana White’s signature, along with another signature of a UFC fighter. Fifteen fighters will be featured in this set and each card will be numbered to 25.
    There are other multi-autographed cards featured in the set. The Finest Fighters Dual Autographs feature 10 pairings of fighter that share something in common. These cards will be numbered to 25. Finest Fighters Triple Autographs feature five fighter trios with a common bond — these cards are numbered to 5.
    Autographed relic cards include fighter-worn gear and mat-used relic cards, as well as the Finest Fighters Dual Autographed Relic Book cards, which features autographs of two fighters that share a common bond as well as fighter-worn apparel pieces of each fighter.
    New to the 2013 edition are the Finest Fans autographs. This set will feature celebrities and UFC personalities that attend UFC events. Fullerton said this set will be between 10-20 cards, and, although a checklist is not yet available, the official sell sheet for the product shows cage announcer Mike Goldberg as being part of the set.
    Last, but certainly not least are the Kiss cards, which will feature UFC ring girls and their “kiss,” as well as their autograph.
    “I think Topps Finest is one of the best looking card sets we produce,” said Fullerton. “We’re very proud of this product and we hope collectors continue to enjoy it.”
    Internet sports card dealers have Topps UFC Finest 2013 listed for between $95-$110 per box.
    Continue to visit for the latest information on Topps UFC Finest 2013.
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