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    Comics! Game Systems! GPS! Action Figures!

    Check out my album here: [1] and here:

    PS1 system with 2 memory cards and one controller.

    PS1 Games: Final Fantasy VIII,Snowboarding and Jet Moto CIB.

    Gameboy Color Games : Super Mario DX loose

    Super Nintendo Games: Donkey Kong Country 2 (fine condition) and Brunswick World Tournament Of Champions (Has rental stickers on it)

    PS2 Games: Drakengard 2 (Has gamestop sticker on spine,mint dvd)

    Original XBOX Games: Namco Museym 50th Anniversary (mint)

    Also cassette tapes of Metallica,Anthrax,Nailbomb,Type O Negative,Pantera,etc. complete in mint condition.

    Gamecube with one controller,all hook-ups and one game (NCAA 2003)

    Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back packaged figure (Hoth Battle Gear Rebel Soldier)

    Sega Master System Golden Axe box

    Woldnav GPS system with USB charging cable,was working when I hooked it up months ago

    Marvel Max GNs: Terror Inc. and Hellstorm The Tick The Golden Age GN Captain Universe Power Unimaginable GN

    Sinestro DC Heroclix large figure

    Boxed Magnavox Odyssey..needs cleaning,not sure if it works.

    My Wants are these:

    SNES/Genesis/3DO/PS1/PS2/PS3/Saturn/Dreamcast/NES/N64/Gamecube/Wii/XBOX/360 Games

    Any 80's GI Joe or Transformers comics/IDW Reprint collections

    Any Real Ghostbusters Figues/comics/dvd box set

    DVD or Blu-Ray Box Sets

    Any iPad/Ipod accessories

    iPhone 5

    Any hacked game systems that plays homebrew/burnt games.

    Metal/Hard Rock/Alternative CDs/Vinyl or CD Box Sets

    Any Metal band posters or Movie Posters

    Baseball/Football/Basketball cards (Star cards or any game used/autographed cards)

    Jason Vs. Leatherface Topps Comic Mini-Series

    Any Non-Sports card sets

    Throw me offers too.

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    do you have a pic of this Sinestro DC Heroclix large figure, I have alot of obscure metal/hardcore cd's to sell or trade, and a couple vinyl records, and I have a ton of baseball, basketball, and football player lots to sell and or trade, I'm also looking for spawn issues 9-11 in mint condition if you have those, as well as any motu figures that are in good condition, pm works best, as I may forget I posted.

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    what are the numbers on the Thor and Flash comics?

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