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Thread: Arch Nemisis Collector

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    Arch Nemisis Collector

    Anyone else have one? I swear it is always the same person I am bidding against or driving the prices up...

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    I'm a Bulls collector. I have a lot of these lol

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    There are parallel collectors I am bidding against all of the time. The same names appear to come up all of the time. The good thing about the internet is you can find almost anything. The bad thing is so can other people. LOL.

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    Indeed, I got an email the other day on my ebay account, and the trader was like hey you just won this card can I buy it off you, he is my favorite player... I just ignored it, then I looked at my past auctions and I always seen 3*****t in the bidding activity when I am bidding, well I finally figured out who it was, becuase of the email and the exact same feedback score, we are currently bidding on some Select Hot Stars which will sell for a lot if the bidding war continues...SMH

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    I have a wide range of intrests. Although I get outbid on a lot of items I often win items that I didn't expect because no one bothered to bid on them. There is so much stuff out there for me I can't see myself competing with one person cosistentely for any particular item.
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