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    What trade value would you put on this?

    The title says it all here. This card is from the 2012-13 Panini set. It is numbered to five. If you are unfamiliar with the product it is a low end product(about $75-80 per box) with two autos per box. The Spokesmen set has five cards that are all numbered to five. It is Kobe/Durant, Kobe/Blake, Durant/Blake, Kyrie/Anthony Davis, and a triple auto with Kobe/Durant/Blake.

    Needless to say these won't list in the OPG. I am looking for a realistic sell and trade value on the card.
    The Kobe/Durant sold for a grand as a Best off on the Bay. Other than that, I have not seen any sold. The Durant/Blake is on the bay for $800 as a BIT/BO.
    My wife actually hit this card last week-ish so I am literally ZERO dollar into this card(I took her out to dinner tonight so I am kind of $100 into the I gave her a Larry Bird card).
    Thoughts? Trade values? Sell Values?

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    I would suggest throwing it on ebay w/ BIN/BO and see if you're happy with any offers you get

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    Put it on eBay with a ridiculous buy it now obo and double the highest offer you get within ten-30 days.

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    I have had since a few days after the product came out. There are only 5 of this card and 25 of the spokesmen cards across the print run. I might hold onto it but....damn...I could buy a few Kobe autos for what I think this would go for(I don't see any reason to not get over $500 for it).

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