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    Ricky Williams oversize patch fs/ft

    Here is the card. I like it a lot because the patch is so big and unique. I would like to trade it for a LeBron Bowman rookie if anyone has that. If not I will look at some lists. sell price is 10 bucks.

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    I wouldnt mind trading for that. I got a Randy Moss just like it. Please check my jumbled list. Lol.

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    All I could really find in there that I like is the Amare Patch. I don't know what that books for though.

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    Amare prolly books like 12. Something I can add perhaps?

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    I have a Lebron 04-05 Flair Showcase/125 if interested.

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    Do you have a scan of the LeBron? I am very interested in it.

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    I'll have to dig it out, but can scan it when I find it. It is his 2nd year card though, not rc.

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    I realized that. if it were a first year card i dont think you'd have it out for trade, lol.

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