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    2013 Total Memorabilia Retail Parallel Update

    Missing a red parallel in your recent retail purchase of 2013 Total Memorabilia? This will explain why:

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    Man if I had known there was supposed to be a red parallel... I bought 2 blasters and I always throw my receipts away.

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    Thats nice, I don't keep my receipts or empty boxes for weeks to see if Press Pass wants to do something that they should have done to begin with. Oh well, if I get anymore, I know what to do. Thanks for the info.

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    I rec. a retail box a few weeks ago, sent the papers & said realistically these wont all be redeemed so i would like a Danica & a Gordon or Dale Jr & got a Danica & Gordon
    WTG Press Pass. Cant believe they used the same Brad K for his cards unless someone used the same pic for both spots in the inventory

    Howdy, I mainly coll. Jeff Gordon, Dale Jr, Danica & Walter Payton, Peace from Jupiter !!

    If you're going to bring up ebay, dont bother responding

    I collect cards with a US flag on them or US flag themed, Santa cards, cards in my PC of drivers & players that I don't collect will have a flag somewhere on it

    My Space Coll., Spiderman & Wolverines, & My Creations can be seen here: Hidden Content

    Hidden Content

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    I got Gordon and brad K if anyone has the McMurray.

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