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Thread: Baseball trade list- new stuff

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    Baseball trade list- new stuff

    Looking to trade this stuff for other stuff I like, PLMK what you need and leave me a trade list or a link to a site. Thanks

    Game Used
    2004 E-X Clearly Authentic Randy Johnson 4 Color Patch 32/75
    2004 Ultra Turn Back the Clock Randy Johnson Jersey 171/399
    2005 Donruss Champions Impressions Patch Doug Davis 3 Color Patch 138/162
    2005 Prime Patches Portraits Tom Glavine 4 Piece GU card- Dual Jersey/Dual Bat 32/150
    2005 Absolute Team 6 Texas Rangers 6 Piece Jersey/Bat
    2005 Absolute Team 6 Chicago Cubs 6 Piece Jersey/Bat
    2005 Absolute Team 6 Atlanta Braves 6 Piece Jersey/Bat

    1997 Score Board Kerry Wood
    1999 SP Signature Carlos Beltran
    2000 UD Ionix Scott Rolen
    2004 UD Etchings Etched in Time Silver Rickie Weeks 306/375
    2004 Fleer GOTG Jerry Koosman
    2004 Honors Piece of the Game Mike Lowell Bat/Auto 7/10
    2005 Donruss Champions Alfredo Simon RC
    2005 Bowmans Best Buck Coats RC 695/974
    2005 UD Portraits Signature Portraits Khalil Green 8x10
    2005 Bowman Sterling CJ Smith Jersey/Auto RC
    2005 Donruss Signature Series Monte Irvin

    Numbered rookies
    2003 UD Honor Roll Gold Wilfredo Ledezma 25/25
    2004 SPX Travis Blackley 495/1599
    2004 Bowman Sterling Refractor Jesse Hoover 65/199
    2005 Topps Updates and Highlights Gold Philip Hughes 1928/2005
    2005 Bowman Sterling Brandon Snyder
    2005 Bowman Sterling Drew Thompson

    Numbered non-rookies
    1996 Donruss Long Ball Leaders Ken Griffey Jr 3688/5000
    2002 Donruss Career Stat Line Aramis Ramirez 182/271
    2003 Topps Traded Gold Felipe Alou 1149/2003
    2005 Donruss Elite Turn of the Century Omar Vizquel 425/750
    2005 Donruss Elite Career Best Adrian Beltre 287/1500
    2005 Studio Portraits Maury Wills 20/30
    2005 Topps Retired Gold Denny McLain 456/500
    2005 SPX SPXTreme Hank Blalock 272/299
    2005 SP Authentic SP Collection of Stars Cesar Izturis 52/299
    2005 UD Portraits Scrapbook Moments Torii Hunter 206/250
    2005 Donruss Impressions Red Fred Lynn 145/250
    2005 Donruss Impressions Red Jeff Bagwell 110/250
    2005 Donruss Impressions Red Jeff Kent 38/250
    2005 Donruss Impressions Gold Sean Casey 1/50
    2005 Bowmans Best Refractor Ichiro 86/899
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  2. The Card Swap
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    books 40, i need a comparable auto for it. thanks
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    bounce it up
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    Hey Ed!

    The Monte Irvin AU still available or did you trade it already? :)


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    John- the Johnson may be pending

    Henri- still have the Irvin

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    Wow, you didn't trade it? When the other guy posted his list I thought that it would be traded, no questions!
    Do you still want to try and work something out? I still have those AL Rosen Autos (one 05 Trilogy and one 05 UD Ultimate Signatures Decades)
    Just LMK


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    he never got back to me, and i wont wait forever. id love to work a trade. i do like the rosens, do you happen to have any jon papelbon or jeremy hermida rookies? id be interested in those as well. also, i dont have a baseball guide, so if you could clue me in to values on stuff, we can work a deal
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    Hmmm, weird, I thought he really wanted it!
    Oh well, his loss! :)
    I don't have Papelbons at all! Weird for a RC collector but true! I just traded my Herida Auto with Vladdaddy for a Reggie Jackson Auto. Have no other ones, sorry!
    As you might have seen I'm turning more and more to HOF and retired GU /AU. Getting a bit tired of all those boxes ful of RC's.
    About the BV's:
    05 Donruss Signature HOF Monte Irvin AU $15
    05 UD Ultimate Signatures Decades AU Al Rosen $15
    05 Trilogy Generations Past Silver AU Al Rosen $10

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