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    looking for devier posey and michael egnew

    as title says. i know they're out there. i see them everywhere. would like to see pics of what you have and lmk what you like. more stuff coming in so bucket will be updated accordingly.

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    I have an egnew contenders auto. I really like your v. Miller, osweiler and ah green. Lmk if we can work something out
    Stepfan Taylor Super Collector

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    i'll trade them for your truck lol.....i have the egnew already unless its the cracked ice version. im looking at your bucket

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    Bucket is not updated ill send you a list shortly
    Stepfan Taylor Super Collector

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    Got a sick inception 3 color patch auto of egnew in my bucket if you're interested.
    Always looking to trade for any Anfernee Hardaway base/parallels/inserts/game used/autos.
    My Bucket- Hidden Content

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    I doubt I have anywhere near enough, but have both an egnew jsy an posey gu in the bucket. Can you see if there is anything I could add to get the Von or Osweiler?
    I collect Champ Bailey, Chris Harris (Broncos CB), Current Denver Broncos, Gerell Robinson (Broncos/Cardinals WR), Soccer cards and anything that catches my eye! Let's get trading!
    I am a full time student/worker, so if my sending is slow I apologize. Hidden Content

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    i have the posey. need the egnew but didnt see anything i could add to it for either of those bud

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    webb-got 64 of 76 [4-1of 1]84%-90% of rookies]
    over 450 rice

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