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    Exclamation Need All David Ortiz, Albert Pujols And Barry Bonds Rookies!

    Will trade in your favor on their better rookie cards...lmk what you have...

    Barry bonds Topps Rc/Donruss Rc can not offer too much over book value on them..
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    I have two 87 topps rc's of Barry Bonds, lmk if you're interested.

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    I need them...check my tradelist out...thanks! cardlover2006

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    I like these, could I get some beckett prices on them:

    **Chris Bosh 05-06 Topps Chrome Premium Performers Gu jersey refractor #'d 52/99
    **Ron Artest 2002-03 Topps Jersey Edition Black Sp #'d 50/99
    **Jason Kidd 01-02 SP Game Used Edition Floor/Gu jersey dual #JK-C
    **Elton Brand 2003-04 Topps JE Prime Pieces #'d 11/42 RARE!!

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    Ron Artest books 30.00, Kidd books 30.00, the Bosh does not book yet and the Elton Brand books 25.00...lmk

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    Ok, I don't have a baseball beckett with me but the last I checked the Bonds Rc books $15, I could do both the Bonds for the Bosh or for the Brand(if it's a gu?) lmk

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    Barry Bonds Rc 1987 Topps books 10.00 you have any other rookies you can throw in? lmk

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    no baseball, how about this, both Bonds, and a 92'-93' Fleer Ultra Shaq Rc for the Bosh? lmk

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    I would take both Barry Bonds rcs and the Shaq Rc(if in mint condition) for the Elton Brand #'d 11/42 gu jersey..lmk..cardlover2006

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