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Thread: would you do this?

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    would you do this?

    I got offered a 05 Absolute Mem. triple jsy Brady/Montana/Aikman /50 bv100 for my 05 Pristine Alex Smith(qb) auto rc bv100.
    Im not sure if I wanna do it because Brady is by far my favorite player and ive got a new obsession with multiple QB GUsed but on the other hand Smith was the 1st pick and the card could go through the roof if they make the playoffs.
    Please any input would be a help!

  2. Kronozio
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    I'd do it. Especially if Brady is your fav player. I highly doubt SF makes the playoff in the next 3-5 years.

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    Yeah, I think Smith is going to suck for a while. Look at what is around him, even if he were a good player the team wouldn't have success.

    Brady, Montana, Aikman, proven winners, HOF or HOF probable versus a QB with too small hands ;-).

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    Also the Brady/montana/Aikman wont really lose much value whereas the Smith could drop to nothin by the end of this season.

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    i wouldnt do it..

    just me but i dont trade nice autos for gu even if its a great game used.

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    why do you care? do what you's about what card you want to own more

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    Point well taken. I was just gettin feedback man no biggie.

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    Personally, I would never do that. I would never do an RC auto for a Gu. At the least, if you think Smith sucks, sell the auto and use that money to buy a better Brady if you can.

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    Its a triple gu of the 3 winningest qbs in history so in my opinion it is one of the finest football game used cards you can get.
    But on the otherhand I do appreciate the the feedback and if I believed I could sell it and buy something better I would but Smith cards arent exactly sellin too high right now as everyone is so down on him.

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