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    some of the autos are in my bucket, if you cant find it or it isnt there, pm me your email and ill send you pics of the autos


    Lesean McCoy
    Mike Vick(falcons uni)
    DeSean Jackson
    Brian Dawkins(8x11.5, eagles uni)
    Allen Iverson(niggets uni)
    Miguel Cabrera COA from MLB
    Andre Iguodala(sig faded)
    Chad Hall(2)
    Thad Young(believe i have 3)
    Jimmer Freddette(personalized To Nick, think magazine paper from Sports Illustrated)
    Tony Dungy(have 2 or 3)
    Mitch Williams
    Kevin Durant
    Ben Gordan
    Mugsy Bouges
    Rick Barry
    Citizens Bank Park signed by 3 phillies reliever from last year
    Jimmer Fredette full SI mag
    Dorrell Wright(warriors uni)
    Jim Craig(1980 US olympics team photo personalized To Nick, Believe in your Dreams)
    Warren Moon(2, one color, one black and white)
    Bobby Doerr
    Johnny Cappelletti
    Phillies 2008 WS team collage photofile signed by chase utely and shane victorino
    Placido Polanco
    Juan Pierre(inscribed Psalm 77)
    Gio Gonzalez
    2008 Phillies Team pic signed by cole hamels, jamie moyer and ryan madson and others on the back(creased badly)
    Mike Vick full SI mag
    Al Golden(To Nick)
    Carl Erskine(2, lots of inscriptions)
    Tyler Hansbourugh(pacers uni)
    Greg Luzinski
    Mark Rechi(COA)
    Stephen Tulloch
    Siixers logo signed by tonie battie
    Heisman trophy signed by Johnny Capelletti
    Bud Selig
    Danny Granger
    Jokim Noah(photofile)
    Ed Hocculi(NFL REF)
    Ryan Depster(theres a medium sixed tear)
    Cole Hamels signed 2007 team pic
    paper signed by 2008 PSU players including Darryl Clark
    Drayton Florence(5x7)
    Matt Moore(4x6)
    Lesean McCoy 4x6
    Dirk Nowitzki 4x6
    Mercury Morris 4x6
    John Stockton
    Jimmer Freddette 4x6s(3)
    Chuck Bednarick 4x6
    Roger Clemens 4x6
    Rob Bironis 4x6(To Nick)
    Vince Papalli(signed Eagles logo index card, decoy, Invincible movie paper,and a pic, all personalized To Nick with inscriptions)
    Dom Brown 4x6
    Jamie Moyer 4x6
    Shane Victorino
    Chase Utely 4x6(signed on the back of a photo)
    Josh Hamilton4x6
    Cole Hamels4x6
    Ryan Madson 4x6
    Charlie Manuel 4x6
    Kyle Kendirck 4x6
    Vance Worley 4x6
    Brad Lidge 4x6(4)
    Jim Bunning HOF tickets(2)
    John Rutherford index card
    Steve garvey index card
    Josh Hamilton jumbo card
    Tonie Battie index card(custom sixers logo)
    jerry west custom index card
    2012 Eagles TC signed by 4 players including DRC
    Danny Briere ticket
    Vance Worley ticket
    Nats signed ticket
    Dominique Rodgers Cromartie signed eagles mini helmet
    Jimmy Rollins signed ROMLB sweet spot
    Josh Johnson signed ROLB in pen
    Evan Turner signed mini ball
    i also have lots of cheap baseballs and Official Balls from games signed in sharpie, lmk if you are intersted in them
    Ron Hextall
    Peyton Manning(2, 1 custom)
    Warren Moon(2)
    Mike golic
    Mike Vick(2)
    Chuck Bednarick
    Lawrence Taylor
    Sterling Sharpe
    Logan thomas signed index card(VT QB)
    Terry baker(2, one card and 1 IC)
    Jake Delhomme
    hershal walker
    Paul Posluzny(2, both smudged)
    Rob Bironis, IC and decoy
    Larry Johnson(2, PSU Uni)
    trent edwards(2)
    kerry collins
    Joe Jurevicious
    Mercury Morris(rackr card)
    Devon Still cert auto
    Shane Conlan(3)
    Matt Shaub(2, 1 rackr)
    Shaun Alexander custom card and rackr
    Allen iverson(2)
    Shaquille O'neal(peace nick)
    Nate robinson
    robert parsish(7 base and 1 custom w/ tiny archibald)
    Dirk Nowitzki IC, 2 base
    Jerry west(2, 1 custom)
    Thad young(3)
    Tony battie(faded)
    John Wall decoy
    Penny Hardaway
    Joe Johnson(2)
    Monta Ellis
    Joe Dumars
    Jason Kidd(3, 1 RC)
    Elton Brand
    Andre Miller(2)
    Reggie Miller
    Ben Gordon
    Kirk hinrich
    Lou Williams
    Jodie Meeks(team card)
    Shawn Kemp
    Tyler Hansborugh(2)
    Brandon Jennings
    kevin martin(2)
    Damon Stoudamire(4)
    Scottie Reynold cert
    George Hill
    Ryan madson
    Mike Lieberthal(8)
    Vance Worley(2, 1 to nick)
    Ryan Depster
    darren daulton(2)
    nyger morgan(2)
    Joey votto
    mike stutes
    Jose Contreas
    Bobby Doer(2 cards and 1 IC)
    Tom Glavine
    John Smoltz
    Billy Beane(20 straight A's win card and IC)
    John rutherford
    Dom Brown
    Greg Luzinski(3)
    Juan Samuel(4)
    Heath Bell(red ink)
    Larry Bowa(2)
    eric young jr(2)
    ty wigginton
    david ekstein
    Mike Cameron(5)
    Joe Nathan
    Ben Zobrist(3, 1 to nick)
    Ralph Kiner(2)
    Mike leake(to nick)
    Bobby Valentine
    Drew Stroren
    Bobby richardson(2)
    Phillipe Aumont(phillies team card)
    Don Sutton(2)
    Jim Bunning(2, 1 rackr)
    max sherzer(to nick)
    Al Kaline
    Wade Boggs(2)
    Bobby Doerr 2 rackrs
    Blake beavan
    Carl erskine(1 custom, 1 rackr)
    Juan pierre(2, white sox and cubs uni)
    tommy greene
    goose gossage
    cory luebke(2)
    doug jones(2)
    Josh Hamilton(signed in pen, tough to see)
    Alber Amora(2)
    Clayton Kershaw

    these autos are gonna be tough too part with so please offer fair prices
    they are all real, my mom used to work at the Philly Airport and when famous people would stop in there she would get there autos

    Muhamad Ali signed cut card
    Muhamed Ali signed cut
    Pete Rose signed paper(To Anthony)
    Wayne Gretzky signed piece of paper
    Charles barkley paper (2, to anthony)
    Julius Erving signed US airways boarding pass(2, to anthony and to nicky)
    Joe namath signed boarding pass(to anthony)
    eric snow signed boarding pass
    george brett signed boarding pass
    bill bergy signed piece of paper(to anthony)

    i have other signed boarding passes from skaters and politicians, lmk if you are intersted in these and ill get you a list

    If you are interested in the cards pm me and i will get you a list

    LOT #1
    of close to 100 cards, most of these players sign ttm,i will not break up the lot, pm me if you want a list and i will get you a price, great way to start ttm

    LOT #2 of over 100 cards, most from the 80s and 90s, some in bad shape, most dont sign ttm, but great for set collectors, i wont chare a whole lot for this but i cant send you a list, dont have the time to list over 100 cards, sorry

    Now to the supplies

    8x10's-$1 each,unless otherwise noted

    Jeremy Maclin Photofile $2
    Trent Cole(At home print quality)-50 Cents 8.5x11
    Mike Vick(At home print quality)-50 Cents 8.5x11
    Dion Lewis (At home print quality)-50 Cents 8.5x11
    Desean Jackson (At home print quality)-50 Cents 8.5x11
    Demeco Ryans (At home print quality)-50 Cents 8.5x11
    Cullen Jenkins (At home print quality)-50 Cents 8.5x11
    Fletcher Cox (At home print quality)-50 Cents 8.5x11
    Lesean McCoy (At home print quality)-50 Cents 8.5x11
    Celtics 3 Rookies 2012, Kris Joesph, Fab Melo, and Jared Sullinger
    Paul Pierce
    Josh Smith,Joe Johnson, Al Horford
    Demar Derozan
    John Wall(2)
    Bradley Beal
    Shelvin Mack
    Kemba walker
    Michael Kid GilcreasStephon CurryDraymond Green
    David Lee(fanpack)
    Harrison Barnes
    Andrew Bogut
    Danny Granger
    Paul George
    Kyrie Irving
    Dion Waters
    Tyler Hansborugh
    Andre Drummond
    Kevin Durant
    Russel Westrbook
    Jeremy Lamb
    Kevin Martin
    Perry Jones III
    Andre Bynum and Jason Richardson(white border)
    Andrew Bynum all star (white border)
    andrew bynum(white border)
    jason richardson(2)
    thadeous young (3) white border, best signer on sixers
    evan turner and jrue holiday
    jrue holiday(2) white border
    evan turner(white border)
    lavoy allen(white border)
    nick young
    arnet moultrie
    dorrell wright
    spencer hawes(2,1 with white border)
    doug collins(white border)
    sixers logo(2)
    jerimiah trotter(2)
    Eagles 1960 championship photo with chuck bednarick
    chris coste
    mike trout(2)
    randall cunighham(white border)
    kirt warner(white border)
    jerry sloan(white border)
    oscar robinson(white border)
    penny hardawway(2) white border
    don larsen and yogi berra perfect game, bad quality 55 cents
    larry bird, kevin mckale, and robert parish(white border)
    nate tiny archibald(white border)
    pat neshek(2,1 with white border)
    joe dumars(white border)
    chase utely(white border)
    jimmy rollins(white border)
    ryan howard(white border)
    john mayberry jr(white border)
    antonio o
    jose contrares(2 white border)
    kyle kendrock(2 white border)
    vance worley(4, 3 white border)

    oscar robinson

    4x6's:Receive 1 Free with each 8x10 you buy, 10 cents each
    Rob Bironis
    Tom Brady
    Danny Granger
    Manny Ramirez
    YA Tittle
    Robert Parish
    Mugsy Bouges(2)
    Alex Ovechkin(2)
    Peyton Manning(2)
    Jamie Moyer
    tiny archibald
    Mike liebertahl
    bobby doerr(2)
    Martin st. louis
    JJ WATT(3)
    Nba Logo
    Jerry West
    Matt schaub(3)
    Mark walhberg(invincible,1)
    vince papale(1)
    Dirk Nowitzki(2)
    Heisman trophy(1)
    Terry Baker(1)
    Hershal Walker(2)
    Joe Johnson(3)
    Bubba starling(2)
    chris coste(1)
    Mike and mike(1)

    Jerimiah trotter
    Villanova logo
    Craig Brackins(2)
    Sixers logo
    arnett Moultrie(2)
    Malick waynes
    Pistons logo
    thunder logo
    hawks logo
    cavs logo
    raptors logo
    celtics logo
    warriors logo
    bobcats logo
    pacers logo
    wizards logo
    kyler singler
    kim english
    will bynim(2)
    brandon knight
    austin daye
    andre drummond(2)
    jon leur
    klay thompson
    jordan williams
    jon lucas III
    dion waters
    miles plumlee
    micahle martinez
    john mayberry jr
    antoni o
    michael stutes
    jose cansaco
    greg luzinski

    CARDS-10cents each

    Andrew Bynum-11
    Thadeous Young-15
    Jrue Holiday-4
    Evan Turner-1
    Jason Richardson-7
    Kwame Brown-4
    Tony Battie-5
    Aaron Mckie-2
    Nick young-8
    dorrel wright-3
    craig brackins-1
    spencer hawes-7
    roayl ivey-3
    kevin garnet
    rajon rondo-2
    paul pierce
    mikel pietrus-2
    jermaine oneal
    marquis daniel-2
    kenyon dooling-2
    donte christmas
    bradon bass
    courney lee
    doc rivers
    jason terry
    jason collins
    jeff green
    chris wilcox
    leandro barbosa
    al horford-4
    devin harris-2
    josh smith-3
    tracy mcgrady-3
    louis williams-2
    desean stevenson-2
    erik dampier-2
    kyle korver-3
    jeff tegue
    anthony morrow-3
    johan petro
    zaza pachulia-2
    larry drew
    aj price
    martell webster
    trevor ariza
    emeka okafor
    trevor booker
    jordan crawford
    andros biendris-2
    andrew bogut
    david lee
    brandon rush
    carl landry
    jarret jack
    richard jefferson
    roy hibbert-2
    danny granger
    george hill
    david west-2
    sam young-3
    jeff pendergraph
    gerald green
    dj augustin
    ian mahimi
    bryon scott
    andrew varajao
    daniel gibson
    semih erden
    anthoy parker
    omri casspi
    jeremy pargo
    cj miles
    kelenna azubuike
    luke walton
    brendan haywood
    desan diop
    tyrus thompson
    matt carool
    jamario moon
    ramon sessions
    ben gordon
    andre barnani
    demar derozan
    jose calderon
    ed davis
    lina kliza
    landy fields
    amir johnso-2
    dominic mcguire
    kyle lowry-2
    lots of baseball,football,and basketball rackrs cards
    dominic rodger cromartie-3
    brent celek-3
    trent edwards-2
    mike vick-1
    nnamdi asomaugh-3
    demeco ryans-3
    trent cole-1
    dion lewis-1
    jason babin-1
    fletcher cox rc-1
    brandon graham rc-3
    riley cooper rc-1
    lesean mccoy-2
    desean jackson-2
    jeremy maclin-2
    vance worley-5
    michael stutes-2
    antonio o-1
    kye kendrick-2
    jose consaco-2
    placido polanco-2
    john mayberry jr
    roy halladay
    michael martinez
    phillies team card 2012-5
    grez luzinski-3


    ROMLB-2($13 each, $24 for both)
    pens for ROMLB
    Blue paint pen
    silver pain pen
    big blue sharpie
    liquid silver deco marker
    ultra mark silver metalic(2)
    elementz gold
    black paint pen

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    I'm interested in the ROMLBs.
    Check out my trade list:
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    Help me build my through the mail auto collection by visiting my success thread & bucket- over 50 in all:
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    im interested in the 2009-10 prestige and 2010-11 donruss signed thad young lmk what you would take for them.thanks

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    i beleive someone has already bought them, if the deal falls through ill let ya know

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    I'm interested in the Tyler Hansbrough 8x10 and 2 cards. What are you asking for those? Thanks
    Wanting Jerry West & Former Tar Heels

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