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    Custom Artwork

    Hey guys,
    Haven't really used this site too much in the past few years but I thought I'd give it a shot to help get my name out there for some of my artwork. I'm currently going to school for graphic design and I've always loved drawing/painting and anything artistic. I've never sold any of my artwork before but I thought this would be a good place to make a few bucks on the side while doing what I love. I was thinking that I could take requests if anyone wanted a drawing/painting of any athletes, bands, or anything really lol. Since I've never sold anything before just make an offer depending on what type of media, size, difficulty, etc. Let me know any feedback!

    Here's a link to my photobucket page with some of my artwork from the past few years.

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    The Charcoal ~ Ball-Ticket-Sharpie :Pops:

    All very solid pieces

    Thanks for sharing
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