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Thread: 2003 Donruss Elite Box Break

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    2003 Donruss Elite Box Break

    I'll list the rookies and inserts I find, in the order I find them

    Name: 2003 Donruss Elite Football
    Packs: 20
    Cards Per Pack: 5

    Rookie, Card #177, #'d 130/500, Ty Warren. BV is $10

    Passing the Torch, #PT-13, #'d 985/1000, Jerome Bettis. BV is $4

    Back to the Future, #BF-4, #'d 177/1000, Raymond Berry. BV is $4

    Status, #53, #'d 46/89, David Bostn. BV is $10

    Pro Bowl Standouts,#PB-6, #'d 292/2002, Marshall Faulk. BV is $4

    Rookie, #194, #'d 383/500, Ricky Manning Jr. BV is $10

    College Ties, CT-7, #'d 1393/2000, Lee Suggs and Mike Vick. BV is $8

    Throwback Threads, #TT-13, #'d 110/250, Warren Moon. BV is $20

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    Throwback Threads, #TT-13, #'d 110/250, Warren Moon. BV is $20

    im intrested in this card...what you looking for in return for it

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    It was an alright break. It could have been better, but it could have been a lot worse.

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    I'm looking for Vick cards

    Also, yea, I guess it was an OK box, it I was jsut having such REAL good luck that I forgot what regular luck felt like.. lol That Shef 1/1 and all the other #'d/10,20,25 I found must've just made it this way,eh well.

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    LOL.. yeah it was an ok box. I love the look of those throwback thread cards. I think thats what makes vintage jsys cards like that worth collecting


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