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    Good new idea for Football cards?

    Well, Ive been thinking about a new kinda insert or game used to add to cards. And while thinking, I thought of all the coaches. How about like a game used piece of clipboard? Ive seen weirder, i just think it would be kinda cool. If you dont like it, np. I myself think it would be neat for a NFL head coach kinda subset in a product with autos and game used kinda stuff of theres. What ya think?

  2. Kronozio
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    Original, but I wouldn't be interested.
    But dont go by me. I dont like turf, goalpost
    or stadium seat cards either.

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    it would be interesting if they did it for certain coaches. i'd love to have a madden clipboard back when he coached the raiders

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    I also think it would depend on the coach. I dont care for turf, or stadium seats either, but I kind of like the goalposts. There always looking for new stuff, so why not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jayk1998
    What about play diagrams cut from a playbook?
    thats exactly what i was thinking.

    PS: good idea viking, and i would really love to get something like this of mike ditka when he coached the bears

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    I guess anything can be collectible, especially if autographed.
    The new ASPIRE cards have auto'd game-used ticket-stubs
    from the Rose-bowl.

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    I thought about both others mentioned as well. I do think the playbook would be neat, although the coaches may not want some getting out! Lol. Headset would be cool too.

    Maybe a redemption card for the full thing??

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    another cool idea is for coaches who won the superbowl -

    have a piece of their shirt after the gatorade was pured on it xD i guess that would be... unique. lol.

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