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Thread: dsolzman's success thread

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    dsolzman's success thread

    I figured I better start this thread sooner rather than later. Since Stan Musial passed away, I've been working on a Baseball Hall of Fame collection. Of the harder to get guys, I've gone through Amazon and purchased them As of today, I am up to 36 of the 62 living Hall of Famers. I've been collecting in general since 2003 mostly through email requests but a lot have been TTM requests. At some point in March, I decided I preferred to send 8x10s to get signed rather than baseball cards for my Hall of Fame collection. I'm also going after the Spink and Frick winners.

    January 24 IP: Walt Jocketty, Thom Brennaman

    February 6: Phil Niekro signed 1987 Topps card with HOF 97

    February 11: Goose Gossage signed 1989 Topps with HOF 2008

    February 14: Brooks Robinson signed 8x10 with HOF 83. Fergie Jenkins signed 8x10 with HOF 91

    February 16: Buck Showalter signed 2001 Topps card. Ryne Sandberg signed 1991 Bowman but didn't completely press down. He used pen as opposed to marker.

    February 19: Gaylord Perry signed 1983 Topps card

    February 19: Kolten Wong, Joe Kelly, Michael Wacha, Carson Kelly (printouts)

    February 21: Dawn Staley signed photo

    February 22: Dermontti Dawson signed printout

    February 23: Rollie Fingers signed 1986 Topps card, Tara Vanderveer signed photo, Dan Fouts signed printout, FSU Baseball coach Mike Martin signed photo

    February 25: Paul Hagen (sent his own 4x6), Dave Duncan signed printout, Billy Beane signed printout, John Schuerholtz signed printout

    February 28: Jim Bunning signed printout with HOF 96

    March 2: Monte Irvin signed 05 Topps Fan Favorites card

    March 8: Joe Morgan signed index card

    March 11: Dale Murphy signed 1989 Topps and 1990 Donruss

    March 15: Ed Hochuli

    March 16: Todd Frazier signed 2012 Topps Update, Joannie Rochette signed 5x7, Brian Boitano signed 8x10

    March 18: Joe Garagiola signed 2001 Topps Archives card and sent his own

    March 21: Rick Ankiel signed 99 Fleer update card, Gene Elston signed 8x10

    March 22: Rachael Flatt signed photo

    March 23: Wade Boggs signed 2000 Topps card but it was a bit smudged

    March 25: Ron Cey signed 1982 Topps card, Curt Simmons signed 1961 Topps card, Len Berman signed photo

    March 26: Lon Simmons signed 8x10

    March 27: Dick Groat signed 1966 Topps card

    March 28: Whitey Herzog signed 8x10

    March 29: Bob Doerr signed 8x10, Bobby Shantz signed 2001 Topps Archives card, Nick Peters signed 8x10, Tracy Ringolsby signed 8x10, Ross Newhan signed 8x10

    March 30: Whitey Ford signed 8x10, Al Rosen signed 2001 Topps Archives card, Steve Garvey signed 2005 Topps Fan Favorites card

    April 1: Steve Young signed 8x10, Ashley Wagner signed 5x7, John Mozeliak signed printout, Bill Madden signed 8x10

    April 4: Pat Gillick signed printout, Jaime Jarrin signed 8x10, Bill Virdon signed 1994 Topps Archives card, Goose Gossage signed 8x10 (HOF 2008)

    April 6: Paul Molitor signed 8x10, Bill DeWitt signed 8x10

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    Today's mail brought Al Kaline (signed 8x10, no inscription), Marty Brennaman (signed 8x10) and figure skater Alissa Czisny (signed 4x6)

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    Typical Tuesday. Nothing arrived in the mail today but I did mail out a request to North Carolina women's coach Sylvia Hatchell, who was elected into the Basketball Hall of Fame.

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    Welcome to the addiction. Remember, we like pics!
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    At some point, I might scan things in...just not sure when that will be yet. I don't remember how I found the SCF website but I am so glad I did!

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    Pics are a plus helps to compare and admire
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    Jerry Coleman signed a full page printout with HOF 05 and 4x W Series Champs. It was personalized but he placed the inscriptions above his signature rather than below.

    Don Baylor signed a 1980 Topps card. The card was sent to Arizona on 3/21 and returned today postmarked from Milwaukee.

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    Rather late mail day today but I did get some successes back.

    Johnny Bench signed 8x10 inscribed HOF 89. This was via the recent Minnesota show. I would have ordered through his website but at the time, the photo I preferred with the HOF 89 inscription was out of stock. This return brings me to 37 of the 62 living HOF members. I have 7 pending requests, either TTM or via signings.

    Jordyn Wieber signed the photo I sent her on March 13th. I had sent a request with an SASE back in July prior to the Olympics but that request was without a photo provided. As such, I decided to make a second request with a photo provided.

    Jim Perry signed a 1972 Topps card sent on April 5th but did not include the CYA inscription as requested.

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    I had sent a 2002 Topps Archives card on March 18th to Bobby Richardson. I received it in today's mail signed and inscribed with the following inscriptions: 60 WS MVP and 3X WS Champs (58, 61, 62).

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