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    Talking TONS TO TRADE...(LOOK)

    I have a TON of GU's, Auto's and other great #'ed cards and inserts to trade. right now im trying to complete the whole 02-03 topps chrome bkb set, site is in sig, lmk the biggest lot of 02-03 topps chrome bkb cards you would do for some of the cards you want, thnx and site is in sig, take a look,


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    very nice site. Do you plan on adding older cards -- that is cards from 1980s?

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    ill give you 250 card cash for this card:

    2002-03 Flair Court Kings Tracy Mcgrady Game Used Shorts BV $25.00



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    kornboy-do you have a want list on 02-03 chrome..the last time i took the time to pull all these cards the guy backed out on the trade.It really pissed me off that i took the time to pull every one of these and then had to refile them.I probably have most of them but would like to see a list if possiable on the ones you need.Also are you looking for inserts as well on the 02-03 chrome.....let me kow something asap

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    hey read this email after i emailed this guy on this thread.This idiot must have forgotten he joined this club....i take this as a threat.......and yea im talking about you kornboy.........

    who the hell is this?! you always e-mail me and i dont even know you, who are you and how did u get my e-mail address? i would like to know before i file e-mail harassment on ur arse, thnx,


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    Need these:
    2002-03 Upper Deck I Love LA! #LA1 Kobe Bryant INSERT BV $10.00

    2002-03 Upper Deck I Love LA! #LA13 Kobe Bryant INSERT BV $10.00

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