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Thread: Weekly call for trades...

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    Weekly call for trades...

    Friday again...finally!!!
    Added a few cards received and pulled this week.
    Looking for trades...

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    Can't view photobucket until I get home but stuff I need is in sig. You see anything?

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    i like a whole bunch of your #ed rcs check my site and plmk thanks

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    I like the Merriman RC and the BGS 9 Emmitt RC. Might be interested in the Gem graded Aikman RC depending on what you want for it.

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    definitely interseted in your Brett Favre 02 Pacific Exclusive 2 Color jersey.
    What's the bv?

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    I could use the Atrews Bell auto Bowmans Best. Check my home page list for a trade.
    Thanks Rick

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    Didnt see anything on your hp I needed.
    Sure did like some of the stuff in your photobucket though.

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    i may have already talked to you about this, but i don't remember, so i'm going to ask again. lol what are u looking for on the 90 score supp. emmitt rc? plmk thanks

    EDIT: btw... my site isn't really updated...sorry

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