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    Yes sir, Puerto Rico might become state #51!

    I for one think it's a good idea.

    And I even like this flag:

    BTW, those of you wondering if this could really happen.....yes, it can.

    Hawaii became state #50 in dad was 9 years old!

    So, yeah, 51 here we come!

    I for one welcome our new latino brothers if and when this occurs.

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    It's about damn time. I always said make PR a full US state and give its residents all the full rights and privleges of US citizens or grant PR it's complete independence and the US should leave those people the hell alone.
    Drug and smoke free trading.

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    inb4 GOP heads explode at the possibility of even MORE latino voters.


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    It was not for lack of trying. The US government has wanted Puerto Rico to embrace Statehood for years, but they did it correctly, they always allowed the Puerto Ricans themselves to vote yay or nay. The vote for years has been against. Now that the vote is to the affirmative, things can proceed.

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    I think what's more shocking is that Hawaii became a state? Impossible!

    Now onto the part we weren't all taught in grade 3, why PR now...why not 10 years ago?

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    Quote Originally Posted by centrehice View Post
    I explained above.
    Check the time codes. I couldn't have read your post.

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    I'm not authorized to check the "Time Codes". That is above my level of employment.

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    It's right above your name...

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    Hopefully the Republicans can get enough votes to stop this from happening…the last thing we need is for more free-loaders to be collecting entitlements with my tax dollars.

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