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Thread: Just looking for opinions....

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    Exclamation Just looking for opinions....

    Hey guys... just have a question about a possible trade..... Now, just to start off, the person that i'm discussing this with is another member here and i am by no means trying to put them down or anything like that. it's completely up to the person on what they want to give the card up for, i understand that. just wondering what you guys think?

    ok, so here's what i want:

    1990 Score Supp. Emmitt Smith RC bv $60

    and the other person was requesting that i give up these for it:
    2004 Sweet Spot Signatures Jack Ham AUTO bv $50
    2004 Fleer Michael Vick GU bv $20

    i responded with there was no way that i was going to give up $70 worth of gu and autos for a $60 rc. he on the other hand wants to go completely by bv. just wondering what your thoughts were on this? and again, i'm not trying to b an A**, it's just that every person i've ever come in contact with during trades always agrees that autos and gu are much more valuable than just plain rc(even if it is THE emmitt rc to have). Thanks a lot for your opinions!


    EDIT: this trade isn't going to happen because i don't even have the Ham auto anymore... just looking for opinions. lol thanks again

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    I wouldnt trade auto and Gu's worth 70 for a 60 Emmitt Rc. Even with it being Emmitt, now if the Emmitt was double that then 70 in Gu's and autos wouldnt be too bad. When ever Im trading it's never gu's and autos for a plain card. Now if it was Montana or my fav. Payton I might make an exception but I doubt it.... Skin: I wouldnt do it

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    i try not to get too hung up on bv

    sometimes you have to give a little more to get what you really want. im guessing that RC will mean more to you that $60.

    i have some cards that are low BV but I wouldnt sell them for double.

    also, im really not much a fan of game used stuff, unless its also auto'd.

    just depends on what means more to you.........Emmitt RC or the Ham Auto/Vick GU

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    yeah, i agree w/arkaneinc... but i also know what you mean yoopertrav.... yes, the card would mean a lot to me, and it's not always bv that matter, but when it's gu and autos for just a plain rc... i kinda have to. like, if i had a $120 plain rc that he wanted then i would easily trade that for it, even though it's twice bv, but just not for an auto of a HOF and a gu of a superstar.... even though it's completely obvious that emmitt will be in the HOF

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    Check the current market value of each of those cards on eBay. And then compare. If you can get more market value for your GU and auto, then sell them on eBay. And then buy the Emmitt on eBay.

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    Quote Originally Posted by $cards4me
    And then buy the Emmitt on eBay.
    I never buy older rookies on ebay. You take a big chance of them being trimmed. Ever since my elway rookie that I got off there was trimmed I vowed to never do it again. If you do decide to get the rookie on ebay have it measured up afterwards.

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    Some of the older RCs actually sell better on eBay than the newer GU/Autos. There was a point last year where KG Finest rookies were selling for almost $50, which is way over half book. Same on Gretz and a few others, so it kind of depends. My experience w/many traders on here is that you should be thankful you were offered something other than 4 x $12 gu items for a $50 auto.

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    yeah, i understand what you guys are saying about buying one, but i don't wanna buy one, i wanna trade for one. hahaha i could've bought one a long time ago. lol but IF i were going by sell values then yeah, the deal wouldn't work at all cuz i've seen that ham auto sell for $40+ on ebay(don't really know why, there's no idication that it's SP'd or anything)

    but more opinions are welcome....

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    I think it's a fair offer. Look at it this way: autos and gu are flooded across the market. Maybe not so much of Vick and Ham but still. A rookie card like that would of much more value to me than a gu or auto (unless it was someone I collected).

    I'm not an Emmitt fan so I can't say I'd do that specific deal. But, for example if it was say a Bonds RC BV $60 I'd do it in a heartbeat.

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