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    Two SWEET, well maybe MAMMOTH would be the right word, Sauve Dominion additions!

    Got these two in today. The ARP was a redemption, even though many of you may think it is a boring swatch, I am quite happy with it because most of them are blue and white (the same as his The Cup ARP), so the fact that this is different and is also from a recognizable part of the logo makes it so much better! And the Mammoth, well, no words but WOW.

    And the Mammoth rainbow!

    Thanks for the look! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE check out my Kari Lehtonen S&T thread, will be posting it as soon as I post this. That is the thread I have been putting together over the past few is SPECTACULAR.

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    Wow sweet! Love the dominion mammoth patches!!
    Looking for Stamkos, Kane and Toews Cards

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