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    Getting out of the hobby for a while

    I'm going back to school and I could use some extra cash while I'm not working, so I'm going to try and sell a few items. This isn't a fire sale, I just figured I'd post here before I went to eBay. If you need closer up pictures most of the items are in my bucket. PM me if you want a price or would like to make me an offer. I'll try to update with prices tonight when I get home. Thanks for looking.

    Tomlinson TOTT - SOLD
    A.J Jenkins Strata - SOLD
    Kendall Wright Camo Ref - SOLD
    Ryan Broyles TTT - 6
    Sam Bradford Finest - SOLD
    Trent Richardson Gridiron Gems - SOLD
    Ronnie Hillman Topps Finest - SOLD
    Mike Trout Bowman Sterling - SOLD
    LT Crown Royal Auto - 45
    Matt Flynn SPA - SOLD
    LT Fleer Authority - SOLD
    Stephen Hill TTT - 10

    Cam Newton Plates and Patches - 120
    AP Red Ink - 100
    Doug Martin Prominence - SOLD
    RG3 TTT /18 - 25
    RG3 Topps Finest - SOLD
    RG3 Momentum /15 - 175
    Tannehill Prestige- SOLD
    RG3 Slideshow - 110
    Doug Flutie - SOLD

    Josh Smith /15 - 20
    Michael Jordan Slam - 600
    Thomas Robinson - SOLD
    George McGinnis - 5
    Larry Bird - 5
    Derrick Rose - SOLD
    Chris Paul UD Black - 85
    Chandler Parsons - SOLD
    Kevin Durant UD Black - 700
    Kevin Johnson - 30
    Earl Monroe NT Patch - 10
    Michael Jordan UD Glass - 500
    Tyler Hansbrough - 20
    Greg Monroe Classic - 6
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    Just looking for whatever catches my eye. Everything I have is for trade, but some of my cards are a lot harder to get than others.

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    I'd be curious to know pricing on the autofocus MJ 9.5/10 and the Durant Black RPA

    PM me at your leisure
    The painting was a gift, Todd. I'm taking it with me.
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    Post the Kendall wright camo ill take it
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    Ill take the rg3 finest
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    Please post the Hillman Finest, thanks!
    Always looking for Denver Broncos for my PC.
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    I think I've responded to everyone.
    Just looking for whatever catches my eye. Everything I have is for trade, but some of my cards are a lot harder to get than others.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ethankoo14 View Post
    I think I've responded to everyone.
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    Currently 444 in my PC.

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    How much for the RG3 Autos & Tannehill Auto
    Always looking to buy Larry Fitzgerald, Michael Floyd, Josh Gordon & RG3

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