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Thread: Willing to 50/50 aaa baseball

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    Willing to 50/50 aaa baseball

    Im looking to do some 50/50s this year for baseball, my home team is the syracuse chiefs. Im looking to start doing it around the middle of may. I would like to do this with 1 or 2 people and would like whoever i do it with to be able to send multiple items for multiple teams and players. Cards would be easiest but will do others. If you have a ton of cards on guys on the rosters of the teams ill be seeing ill be glad to take them for you. All 50/50's must be posted up in the trade manager and please remember there is never a gurantee of getting a signature.

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    I could help you out. My son and I go to 1-2 games a week and can get most of the pacific coast league and the California league. Dbacks and giants minor teams are close by. Bothe send most of their major guys that are in rehab there also

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    pm sent

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