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    Showing off my Cast Poster Auto Collection!

    It's very small... but still cost a pretty penny and I'm extremely proud of it... My wife and I don't really watch much TV anymore (and now with kids we get to watch even less!!) But we have our favorite shows. This started with one poster after a particularly profitable trip to Vegas, and as time went on we added 1 every few years or so. The last one was exceptionally difficult to find, and took many phone calls, but it is definitely our prized Autograph Poster... All come with COA. I did the best I could to take pictures with Minimal Glare.



    Indiana Jones!!

    Friends! (It's kind of hard to make out the autos in this one...

    The West Wing!!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by NY Sports Teams View Post
    Very nice collection.

    I 2nd that. Awesome baby!

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