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    My latest Bobby Orr Rookie search

    Well found myself a nice Raw Bobby Orr Rookie. I'm in communication with the owner of the said card. Card is in really nice condition but I'm starting to think it's been trimmed so thought I would throw it out here to get some feedback. My concern is with the top of the card, see the gap between the card and the plastic of the snap holder.


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    It doesnt have any of the counterfeit marks on the back, but that said the condition is way to good.
    I am not concerned with the gap because 60's and earlier cards are a slightly different shape than modern day cards which the one touches were made for. In fact the centering on the card is too perfect and so are the corners. The card looks like a PSA 8 or better which for an Orr RC is unreal and you are up in the value of $7,500-$10K. It is one of the most faked hockey cards, so without an experts opinion you have to be very careful, a lot of people have lost a lot of money buying fake big name RC's in all sports cards. That said get some others to chime in there is a lot of experience on the boards here and hopefully someone else is better versed in 66-67 Topps and can throw in on it.

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    It does look a bit supicious. Ask if it would be possible for you to pursue a professional appraisel, which is a reasonable request given the cost/investment. If he quickly says no way I think you will have your answer.

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    Wonder if Beckett Appraisal services would be able to determine all of the above just from high res pictures...

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    The card doesn't look trimmed from here but you should ask for a proper scan of the card out of that silly holder. A trim is much easier to detect when a card is scanned.

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    What is the asking price? Sometimes that will give you an answer. If its too good to be true it usually is!
    Collecting Ryan Murphy. Always looking to add PC Cards. Show me what you have to trade or sell!

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