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Thread: WTTF: Jimmy Rollins

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    WTTF: Jimmy Rollins

    I'm looking to trade for Jimmy Rollins, I don't have much of him maybe 5 cards so I probably won't have what your offering. So check my site in my sig and see what you would like. And hopefullly we can work something out.


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    heya rollinsfan11, I have this Bowman Heritage Red Border #1/1

    not sure what bv to put on it, if you would like to make me an offer for it?

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    can I get a scan of the back of that card?

    and I'm only looking to trade. So take a look at my tradesite. the link is in my sig.

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    didn't see anything on your list, if you still want a scan of the back I will put it up tonight when i get off of work.

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    no thanks, I won't put you through the trouble because i'm not interested in buying.

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    I have these; looking for A's I don't have:

    2005 Topps 76 Jimmy Rollins
    2005 Topps Chrome 76 Jimmy Rollins
    2005 Upper Deck 152 Jimmy Rollins

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    i have this 06 Topps Opening Day #43... will trade it for any hockey card or current Boston Red Sox if you have no hockey.
    Trading for
    - Boston Bruins cards (All cards pictured in Bs Uniform) .. all cards from Big Bad Bruins players (any team)
    - Panarin,Backes, Brodeur, Anson Carter, Hextall, Jagr, Lanny, Probert, Domi, Sedins.
    - US Olympic Hockey Players (all players any uniform)

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