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    Droning On

    Shortly after the terror bombings in Boston last week, two different media people made statements that were alarming to say the least. Two days after the attack, McClatchy reporter Amina Ismail asked White House...


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    saw that the article was by Bill O' it anyway

    to sum it up.

    about the drones...they are a tool used to give us the upper hand. They do kill civilians - just like 747's and pressure cooker bombs. The drones are meant to send a message...just like pressure cooker bombs...we view it as saving ourselves, they view it as terrorism, and vice versa...who is right? It is a bigger issue than the recent attack. America has been screwing around with the lives and cultures of Middle Eastern peoples for 100 years cause of money. We threw the first punch years ago, and are suprised or angry when they connect a blow back? And, they are not completely innocent either...oil barons selling out their own people for money, dictators exploiting the weaker of their own people for their own profit...none of the violent acts will stop until lall of the corruption and exploitation on both sides stops...having larger drones, or sneakier and more deadly bombs is not goignto stop anything

    Brokaw and Kronkite started out as Conservatives I guess. Through observing the American Conservative agenda for the world by way of reporting about it, realized how completely messed up it is, and then decided to get away from it to save karma points...this makes other Conservatives mad.
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    The U.S is in the Wrong here, and they always have been.

    They stick their noses where it doesn't belong and then they're surprised when others retaliate.

    We cry about 3 people dead in an attack....but we don't give two craps about the hundred thousands of kids and innocent civilians we have killed throughout this retarded "war on terror" that has been going on since 2002.

    Those people had lives too, and just because they were not Americans and just because they were poor and lived in a third world country does not make their existence less valuable than our citizens.

    The U.S government is evil....plain and simple.
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