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    Why do the Oilers suck so bad??

    Is it the coaching staff?, the management? or are 1st round overall picks just not as talented as they were in the past years? I mean the fact that they got three first round picks overall in a row and still cant even make the playoffs is terrible. Its like, the players don't suck, but they do suck. You would thinnk with Hall/ eberle/RNH and yakapov they could do SOMETHING!! If I was them I would be embarrassed and ashamed. I understand they are farily new still, but come on! put up some points at least!! The fact is I really do like the Oilers, but the fact they are just so horrible is baffling. What is the reasoning that a team with incredibly talented players and fresh 1st round picks overall cant even have just a DECENT season??

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    It is kind of weird to see this posted after a 6-1 victory over Minnesota. Eberle and Halleach had 1 goal and 2 assists, Yakupov had 2 goals, and RNH is out for the remainder of the season. They have had a few low (or no) scoring games lately, but that happens to even some of the most skilled teams. Their problem isn't scoring, it's the defence. Even the save percentages from their goalies are very respectable considering they are missing the playoffs again.

    But back to the scoring, their number 1 picks are the very least of their problems. Just looks at the top of the scorers for the team and their top six leaders in points are all young (23 and under) until you get to Hemsky:
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    there goalies are terrible , dubnyk is not a top goalie , an defense is not the greatest .
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    they need major upgrades in goal and in defense maybe they will need some young talent in forward for it bruins have 2 number goaltenders i would not mind picking a young scorer for one of them and maybe one of our young defence

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    Mismanagement in all aspects of the team plain and simple!

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    They have a bunch of scorers and not much else. They've built their core, they now need to build a team around it while they develop that core.

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    I would think its the coaching and weak defense. Taylor Hall is really picking it up and I would imagine next season he will do so much better. Ryan Nugent Hopkins....he did so well last year BUT despite the fact that his shoulder has been bothering him so much is probably the reason why he didn't score much points this year. Now he's getting surgery done and i hope the best for next season. Nail Yakupov has so much potential on ice. Very motivated and fast but he's been stuck in the third and fourth line for pretty much the whole season....blame the coaching!

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    it would be funny to see them get the 1st pick for the 4th time in 4 years, would the option of trading down to get more picks to improve the d and goalie be an option with this draft being so deep?

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    Hmmm. My count shows 6 teams that suck more at season's end...

    Seriously, if a total rebuild carried along with it the title of "Cup Contender", all the teams would be doing it.

    I am very confident with the sick talent blossoming in Edmonton, the 13-14 season will be the Oilers break-through season of the rebuild, and they will make the playoffs.
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    I don't think goaltending is the problem. top 12 in save %. probably in top 3 in shots against per game
    Not an Oilers fan, don't dislike them either. Should be better than they are. Played much better when they were pretty much out of it.

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