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    Official Series Discussion Thread: Boston Bruins vs. Toronto Maple Leafs

    This is the place for all discussion about the first-round matchup between the Boston Bruins and the Toronto Maple Leafs!

    Have fun, but keep things respectful and within the guidelines of the community. It's one thing to trash-talk after a big win, but don't make things personal. Staff will be monitoring these threads and anybody that crosses the line will be subject to warnings and infractions as appropriate. Keep the sticks on the ice and have fun discussing this great playoffs series!

    Also, a reminder to check out the Playoffs Bracket Challenge Contest - win a cool card prize!
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    I am not sure the Bruins can get their act together for the playoffs, even if it is the Leafs. Could go either way in seven games and the only certainty in the series is a bit of blood loss.

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    Boston in 7
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    Leafs in 4,5,6,7 don't care as long as they win lol!

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    I don't beleaf that Toronto would have made the postseason, had they been given a full 82 games this year. IMO - the team with the least amount of talent, of any of the 16 playoff teams. Carlyle deserves the Jack Adams, IMO, for getting a team of mostly scrubs to plays this well.

    That being said, Boston has been terrible for the last month. If they continue to play like they have for most of April, the Leafs may have a shot here (granted, the habbit of getting consistantly outshot isn't going to do the Leafs any good either).

    Key to this series, is Kessel. The Leafs need him to score if they're going to win, but he's got a horrible track record against his former team. If Kessel can pop 5 or mroe goals this series, it probably means a Toronto win. Anything less, and they're in trouble.

    I'm saying Bruins in 7.
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    Toronto actually has the potential to be the sleeper pick to go deep this year. They shouldn't, but they could. Basically a bunch of players who bought into a system and reaped its rewards. Also, being so young, guys like Kadri and Reimer might take a round or two to even realize where they are. They were a surprise this season and they could surprise in these playoffs.

    That said, it would be a surprise, Bruins in 6.

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    Leafs have lots of talent in this team

    I think that this version of the leafs is big and physical, and should be able to go toe to toe with bruins
    Leafs in 6 games

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    5:00 can't come soon enough. I made arrangements with work today so I didn't miss this game lol

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