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Thread: CLRyan5's New Success Thread

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    CLRyan5's New Success Thread

    Well I thought it would be a good idea to start a new success thread for my autographs. I'm not sure what's wrong with Blogspot lately, but it wouldn't upload my photos so I deleted my blog and switched to Photobucket. I'm still figuring out how to embed the photos from my Photobucket to here, but as soon as I do I will update my thread with my latest successes. If anybody has any tips, and could talk me through it in as non-techy terms as possible that'd be great! Thanks!
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    All right I did a quick YouTube search and was able to figure out embedding photos no problem. So here it goes!

    This weekend I graphed the Rangers when they were here for their 4 game series against the Twins. I graphed after the game Thursday night, went to Friday's game so I graphed BP and after at the hotel, graphed at the hotel before Saturday's game and after, and finally I graphed before Sunday's game at the hotel and before. It was one of my better baseball series since I've started this hobby; it was a pleasant surprise since the Rangers weren't that great last year here.

    It was a beautiful weekend here in Minneapolis so I thought I'd show off some of the pictures I took of Target Field. I will print a couple for team sheets and various things. I think Target Field is 1 of the nicest stadiums in the MLB!

    Team Sheet:
    Between all the graphing opportunities I slowly filled this team sheet up. I ended up with Derek Lowe, Coach Dave Magadan, Coach Gary Pettis, Joe Ortiz, Mitch Moreland, Geovanny Soto, Nick Tepesch, Justin Grimm, Tanner Scheppers, Coach Dave Anderson, Jason Frasor, and Robbie Ross.

    And now for the 8x10s...

    Yu Darvish: 1/1
    He didn't sign at the hotel all series, but before the last game Sunday he signed a decent number of autographs inside. I was so lucky to get him! And I'm glad I got him on a flat item. His ROMLBs were not turning out well at all!

    Justin Grimm: 1/1, pic with
    Grimm was very nice! He signed my 8x10 after Friday or Saturday's game (Can't remember). I also got a picture with him Sunday after he signed my team sheet

    Derek Holland: 1/1

    Derek Lowe: 4/4
    Derek Lowe was super cool! I got an 8x10 signed before Friday's game. Then after Saturday's game at the hotel I had 2 cards for him in a book. He was 1 per so I asked if he could sign the no-hitter card and he joked o what difference does it make. Then he was like you know what today is right? And I said yeah it's the anniversary of your no-hitter. And he was like that's right and you haven't even offered to buy me a drink yet! I joked back that I'm not old enough to buy him 1 and he laughed and went into the hotel. Then I got him on the no-hitter card quick inside before Sunday's game before I got Darvish. I joked that I had to get the no-hitter card signed and he laughed and was like all right all right.

    Joe Nathan: 4/4
    Joe Nathan was very cool! He always takes care of the fans when he comes back to Minneapolis!

    Robbie Ross: 2/2
    Another very cool guy! He signed a ton of autographs while in town

    Tanner Scheppers: 2/2
    Signed pretty much every time I saw him. Wish I had printed more photos for him!

    Nick Tepesch: 1/1
    I decided to get him on my ticket before Sunday's game instead of passing up the autograph. He was really nice. All the young guys on the team were very happy to sign

    AJ Pierzynski: 2/2
    I got him on 2 8x10s, 1 Saturday night and 1 Sunday morning. He personalized the 8x10 he signed Saturday but didn't personalize the 1 Sunday. Must've been in a bigger hurry Sunday morning

    Elvis Andrus: 1/1
    He signed inside Friday. I was honestly amazed I got him this trip. My photo turned out beautifully

    Jeff Baker: 1/1
    Really nice guy, came right over Friday after taking some infield

    Ian Kinsler: 1/1
    He signed at the hotel Saturday morning

    Mitch Moreland: 1/1
    Awesome guy. Signed several times at the hotel and inside

    Craig Gentry: 2/2
    I was really happy to get him inside Friday. He was happy to sign 2 8x10s for me

    David Murphy: 3/3
    He was 1 of the nicest guys last year and continued to be 1 of the nicest this year. He signed 2 for me inside Friday and 1 after Saturday. The 8.5x11 he signed Saturday was a picture I took last year. My dad was a pitcher at Baylor so I thought it would be a cool photo to get signed. It couldn't have turned out better. When I told him my dad pitched at Baylor as he was signing he said awesome and then Sic 'em!

    Ron Washington: 2/2

    Finally, when I was waiting at the Rangers hotel Saturday after the game Josh Willingham and Brian Dozier pulled up to go to the restaurant next to the hotel. Dozier was happy to sign, but Willingham wouldn't.
    Brian Dozier: 1/1

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    Last night Laila Ali gave a guest lecture at my school about the importance of being healthy, eating healthy, and taking care of your body. She also talked about her 24-0 boxing career, which was my favorite part of the lecture!

    Laila Ali: 3/2, pic with
    St Thomas provided photo cards for her to sign and we were also allowed to get our own items signed. So she gave me a signed card plus signed my boxing gloves. She asked me if I boxed and I told her I did at a club on campus and that my brother-in-law is in the Army so I was hoping to learn more from him. She told me to tell him that she says thank you for his service. Very cool! Then when I was grabbing my stuff after I got a picture with her I told her thanks and that I voted for her on "Dancing with the Stars." She laughed and said thanks girl! The picture I got with her makes me laugh because a lot of people say I'm a big, muscular girl, but Ali dwarfs me in the picture! hahaha

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    Those baseball autos came out beautifully. Love the Derek Lowe one, good job!
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    Nice job with the Rangers, I'm shocked Pierzynski didn't personalize the 2nd 8x10, never seen him not personalize a bigger item.
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    Quote Originally Posted by awz50 View Post
    Those baseball autos came out beautifully. Love the Derek Lowe one, good job!
    Thanks! I was surprised at how nice he is

    Quote Originally Posted by buffalobills View Post
    nice those all came really nice!

    Quote Originally Posted by gladdyontherise View Post
    Nice job with the Rangers, I'm shocked Pierzynski didn't personalize the 2nd 8x10, never seen him not personalize a bigger item.
    Yeah he looked at me Sunday morning and the look he gave me told me he knew he'd already signed for me but he still signed

    Anyone have any tips for getting the photos to appear smaller?

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    nice Rangers successes! I love the Darvish. Also if you want to resize the photos you have to go to a photo editor and go to image size/scale image and size it down and then save.
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    Photobucket might have the option to link to thumbnails.

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    Awesome stuff. You really racked with Texas. Especially love the Darvish and the photo you used for Andrus looks fantastic.

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