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    Hit the local Target, pulled a big hit!

    So I bought on of those 10 pack for 11.99 things at Target because I saw a pack of 2007 Luxury Box on the front. Didn't pull much in the first nine packs, but I opened the Luxury Box pack and hit...

    2007-08 Luxury Box Seven Piece Relics Gold Chris Paul, Charlie Villanueva, Andrew Bogut, Deron WIlliams, Channing Frye, Danny Granger, Raymond Felton /19 (Hornets/Bucks/Bucks/Jazz/Knicks/Pacers/Bobcats)

    THis was by far my hit of the year, it was a 1:7000 pack pull. AN unnumbered one of these just sold for nearly 50 bucks, so I would love to find out what the /19 one is worth. It is FT/FS by the way, for any big stars in basketball, baseball, football, or anything of the guys I collect. LMK!

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    NICE HIT!!! I recently got a 2006-07 Topps Luxury box pack. I get a seven piece relic /49 with kobe, Iverson, Arenas, Wade, Dirk, Pierce, and Melo. They are inserted at 1:180

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    Nice hit!!! See the retail stuff isn't that bad at times especially if you get the right kinda box.

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    Wow! thats a great pull!!!

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    Yeah I have been getting hits here and there on these packs, it seems like they intentionally put packs with hits so you buy more. Atleast all the hits are not searched out.

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    WOWWWWW To both!! that is awesome.. good point too, the packs with hits can't be searched!!!

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    sick pull!!! wow

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