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    AlexTheGr8's Spring Expo Weekend Adventures!

    Another Expo has come and gone but it was an amazing experience thanks to the people it was spent with (Brad, Geoff, Dan, Juan, Ashley, John, Dunkie, Joshman, Angie, James, Mark, Marty, Captain J.O., Mike, Crystal, Judy, Wilson, and Lauren + someone I probably missed). Thank you guys for putting up with me all weekend and I'm looking forward to more "Oh, Boy"s and Coffee Pot Rockets of Death in the fall!

    Friday was a busy day for the CnC booth which meant not a lot of pickups for me. I thought it was only fitting to pick up this card for my "Random PC" after seeing it in one of the CnC boxes:

    Friday night was spent at Lone Star where we feasted on fajitas and made Ashley feel uncomfortable (one of many times) with the stories of PM himself, Captain J.O.! The after party was then taken to Brad's room where the Coffee Pot Rockets made their return.

    Saturday was a more productive day card and entertainment-wise. I started off the day with a box of Artifacts at the Upper Deck booth:

    My Priority Signings redemption was of Erik Karlsson /35, which I later put in a card/cash deal for this big PC card from wils1573:

    I was able to search the floor more on Saturday and picked up a couple of cards for the new set I am chasing, UM12 History of the Franchise in Net (let me know if you have any!):

    I unfortunately made the mistake of wearing my Pietrangelo Blues jersey on Saturday because we went to Real Sports right after the Expo closed to watch the Leafs beat the Bruins and tie up the series. Although I was cheering for the Leafs, I was on the receiving end of a few choice words for wearing a Blues jersey ;). The hotel after party was spent watching the Blues get shutout by the Kings and more Coffee Pot Rockets.

    I was too tired to pick anything else up on Sunday besides caffeine but once again, I want to give a big thanks to Brad, Geoff, Dan, Juan, and Ashley for putting on another great Expo experience and a shoutout to the other members for enjoying it with me. For those of you who haven't been to an Expo before, it is an item that every hockey collector needs to have on their bucket list!

    Everything is FS or FT for Pietrangelo and History of the Franchise in Net cards. Thanks for the read!


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    You were far more productive than I was at expo. Congrats for picking up the cards you need, and it was awesome to hang out with you (and have somebody younger to pick on at the booth ;) )

    Btw, "How much does this cost?" ...... "How about this one?".....

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