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Thread: Looking to trade

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    Looking to trade

    Haven't had a trade in a while, please check my bucket and see if there's anything for you. Main wants are David Lee RCs I don't have, 04-05 SP Signature Notable Numbers I don't have, some of the newer rookies/cards...just looking to make some moves, as it's been a while. PM if interested in anything

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    I am a diehard pacers fan and would absolutely love to have the Granger 1/1. What would it take to get that card? I do not have a formal tradelist, but can put together an offer based on what you want... I only have one David Lee RC from Ultra so I can't help you with that PC

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    pnsd - if you're talking about the timeless treasures, that one has been sold.

    emfritz - drop me a PM and we can talk

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    I like these?

    Bosh auto
    Tristan Thompson auto.

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    Please CMB interested in the Starks red
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    cavsfan - PM sent.

    aj - sorry, man, didn't see anything at this time

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