WTTF David Wright, Jose Reyes, and more


I am willing to trade for any ROOKIE CARDS of the following players:
David Wright
Jose Reyes
Roy Oswalt
Roger Clemens
Alex Rodriguez
Derek Jeter
and Albert Pujold

I will also consider purchasing any ROOKIE cards of these players if the price is right.

ETOPPS CARDS FOR TRADE *****All cards are rookies and in-hand*****

2003 Miguel Cabrera rookie #119

2002 Yao Ming rookie #53
2002 Amare Stoudemire rookie #58
2004 Josh Smith rookie #72

(2) 2003 Andre Johnson rookies #61
2001 Michael Vick rookies #140
(2) 2001 Michael Vick rookies #140 **EACH CARD HAS BEEN GRADED A BGS 9 - MINT**

1986 Topps Steve Young ROOKIE #374
1989 Score Deion Sanders ROOKIE #246
2004 Playoff Memorabilia Larry Fitzgerald JERSEY + FOOTBALL ROOKIE #201[serial numbered to 088/750; BV$30]
2004 Playoff Memorabilia Michael Clayton JERSEY + FOOTBALL ROOKIE #232[serial numbered to 744/750]
2004 Leaf Certified Materials Roy Williams JERSEY ROOKIE #217 [seral numbered0548/1250]
2004 Playoff Hogg Heaven Lee Evans JERSEY ROOKIE #157 [serial numbered 539/750]
2004 Topps Pristine Lee Evans ROOKIE REFRACTOR #111 [seral numbered 1034/1099]
2004 Bowman Fabric of the Future Stephen Jackson JERSEY/REFRACTOR ROOKIE #FF-SJ
2004 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Sweet Swatches Stephen Jackson JERSEY ROOKIE #SW-SJ
2005 Topps Draft Picks and Prospects Senior Standouts Marcus Spears JERSEY ROOKIE #SS-MS
2001 Fleer Genuine Reggie Wayne FUTURE SWATCH JERSEY ROOKIE #133 [serial numbered 0388/1000]
2001 Bowman Chrome Senior Bowl Reggie Wayne JERSEY/REFRACTOR ROOKIE #BCR-RW
2001 Pacific Titanium Dan Morgan/Adam Archuleta JERSEY ROOKIE #10
2000 Quantum Leaf Shaun Alexander ROOKIE #308
2000 Score Shaun Alexander ROOKIE #283
and more...


2003-2004 Fleer Platinum *Name Plates* Jamal Crawford 3 COLOR PATCH - white, black, and red #NP/JC [serial numbered 239/323]
2005-2006 Upper Deck Sweet Shot Rashad McCants ROOKIE CARD #146 [serial numbered 06/50]
2004-2005 Hopps *Hoops 100* Al Harrington #111 ---lower right hand corner has a slight ding--- [serial numbered 007/100]
2003-2004 Upper Deck Exclusives *Gold* Zack Randolph #228 [serial numbered 017/100]
2003-2004 Fleer Platinum *Platinum* Unsung Heroes Donyell Marshall #168 [serial numbered 033/100]
1999-2000 Topps Stadium Club *1st Day Issue* Stephon Marbury #67 [serial numbered 019/150]
1999-2000 Topps Stadium Club *1st Day Issue* Donyell Marshall #124 [serial numbered 127/150]
1999-2000 Topps Stadium Club *1st Day Issue* Rick Fox #48 [serial numbered 044/150]
2003-2004 Fleer Tradition *Crystal* Tracy McGrady #251 --- slightly bent in the upper right hand corner--- [serial numbered 163/175]
1998-1999 Upper Deck SPx Finite *Red Spectrum* Donyell Marshall #65 [serial numbered 059/350]
2002 Press Pass Dajuan Wagner ROOKIE CARD #R28 [serial numbered 044/500]
2003-2004 Fleer Platinum Mike Sweetney ROOKIE CARD #191 [serial numbered 402/500]
2005-2006 Topps *Black Border* Dwight Howard #70 [serial numbered 242/500]
2000-2001 Upper Deck Black Diamond *Gold* Allen Houston [serial numbered 094/500]
1998 Upper Deck Hardcourt *Home Court Advantage PLUS* Charles Barkley #19 [serial numbered 076/500]
1998 Upper Deck Hardcourt *Home Court Advantage PLUS* Tim Hardaway #15 [serial numbered 342/500]
1998 Upper Deck Hardcourt *Home Court Advantage PLUS* Ron Mercer #21 [serial numbered 283/500]
1999-2000 Topps Finest *Future's Finest* Steve Francis ROOKIE INSERT #FF2 [serial numbered 394/750]
2003-2004 Flair Final Edition Josh Howard ROOKIE CARD #80 [serial numbered 366/799]
2003-2004 Flair Final Edition Chris Kaman ROOKIE CARD #81 [serial numbered 140/799]
2003-2004 Flair Final Edition Brian Cook ROOKIE CARD #67 [serial numbered 733/799]
2003-2004 Flair Final Edition Keith Bogans ROOKIE CARD #77 [serial numbered 013/799]
2003-2004 Flair Final Edition Troy Bell ROOKIE CARD #88 [serial numbered 492/799]
2003-2004 Flair Final Edition Maurice Williams ROOKIE CARD #71 [serial numbered 040/799]
2005-2006 Upper Deck SP Game Used Edition Luther Head ROOKIE AUTHENTICS #106 [serial numbered 486/999]
1998 Upper Deck Hardcourt *High Court* Eric Dampier #H9 [serial numbered 0390/1300]
1999-2000 Upper Deck SP Authentic Quincy Lewis ROOKIE F/X #107 [serial numbered 0091/1500]
2000-2001 Upper Deck SPx Khalid El-Amin ROOKIE CARD #100 [serial numbered 1713/2500]
1999-2000 Fleer Mystique Steve Francis ROOKIE CARD #130 [serial numbered 0607/2999]
1999-2000 Upper Deck Ionix Futuristics Steve Francis ROOKIE CARD #62 [serial numbered 0255/3500]
1999-2000 Fleer Focus Steve Francis ROOKIE CARD #109R [serial numbered 3656/3999]

Game Used Cards
2003-2004 Topps Bazooka Beginnings Camelo Anthony JERSEY ROOKIE CARD *****[PENDING]*****

1998-1999 Topps Chrome Al Harrington ROOKIE REFRACTOR #133
2003-2004 Upper Deck Reflections Lebron James ROOKIE CARD #10
2003-2004 Upper Deck Hardcourt Lebron James ROOKIE CARD #LB5 [letter O]
2003-2004 Fleer Focus *Tag Team* Lebron James/Carmelo Anthony ROOKIE INSERT #13 of 15TT
2003-2004 Fleer Tradition Dwayne Wade ROOKIE CARD #265
2003-2004 Topps Carlemo Anthony ROOKIE CARD #223
2003-2004 Upper Deck Victory Chris Bosh SP ROOKIE CARD #104
2003-2004 Upper deck Victory Kirk Hinrich SP ROOKIE CARD #107
2003-2004 Upper Deck Victory T.J. Ford SP ROOKIE CARD #108
2003-2004 Topps Chrome T. J. Ford ROOKIE CARD
2003-2004 Topps Pristine T. J. Ford ROOKIE CARD #122
and more...

1998 Upper Deck SPx Magglio Ordonez ROOKIE #203 [serial numbered 0784/2500]
1992 Score Manny Ramirez ROOKIE #800
2004 Bowman Chrome Draft Picks Conor Jackson ROOKIE #BDP162
2004 Bowman Chrome Draft Picks Willy Taveras ROOKIE #BDP#153
1994 Upper Deck Collector's Choice Michael Jordan ROOKIE #661
That's all (currently restocking)

All of my cards listed on this page are also available for purchase.

Please pm me any buy, trade, or sale offers.