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Thread: GU/Autos/Patch cards FT

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    GU/Autos/Patch cards FT


    01 SP Authentic Joh Daily-preview
    01 UD Jack Nicklaus-Tour Threads-w/2 thick stripes(SP)
    03 upper deck pat perez-collared classics-shirt w/stripes
    04 UD billy Andrade-golf gear-with different color stripes

    02 Press Pass Tony Stewart-Hot Threads-Race Used Tires #erd 1966/2300


    02 bowman kristian huselius-FOTG-jersey/red
    02 bowman mike comrie-FOTG-jersey/3 colors/white/red/brown
    02 bowman young stars pavel datsyuk/mike fisher-fabric of the future-dual jersey #erd187/220
    02 bowman Robyn Regeher-young stars-jersey/black
    02 bowman Kyle Calder-young stars-jersey/white


    05 ultra vladimar guerrero-follow the leader-jersey/white w/ blue stripe
    05 SPX Gustavo Chacin RC/Jersey #40 #erd40/199
    05 flair showcase angel berroa-wave of the future-jersey/white
    05 bazooka matt bush-bazooka moments-jersey/white
    04 SPX Sammy Sosa-Winning Materials-Dual Jersey/Grey/Blue
    04 topps miguel tejada-all star stiches-jersey/black
    04 Fleer Authentix Chipper Jones-Ball Park Classic-jersey/white
    04 topps chipper jones-jersey
    04 donruss studio ben sheets-game day souvenirs-jersey/white #erd142/300
    04 Ultra Jim Thome-tune back the clock-2 color PATCH! #ERD16/29
    04 donruss studio jeremy bondermen-game day souvenirs-jersey/white #erd72/300
    04 donruss studio javy lopez-masterstrokes-GU/bat #erd139/200
    04 upper deck mitch owings-usa baseball-jersey/white
    04 bazooka rondell white-bazooka blast-GU/bat
    04 bazooka jose valentin-bazooka blast-GU/bat
    04 bazooka tim hudson-bazooka adventures-jersey/white
    04 bazooka sean burroughs-bazooka blast-GU/bat
    04 playoff honors hideo nomo-players collection-jersey/grey #erd 9/50
    04 playoff honors juan gonzales-players collection-jersey #erd242/250
    04 playoff honors shawn green-players collection-jersey/blue #erd134/250
    04 fleer platinum adam dunn-clubhouse memorabilia-jersey/grey
    04 fleer platinum nomar garicaparria-clubhouse momorabilia-jersey/grey
    04 fleer platinum nomar garicaparria-platinum portraits-jersey/grey with seam
    04 upper deck grady sizemore-national pride-jersey/red
    04 leaf scott rolen-players collection-jersey/grey
    04 upper deck mitch owings-usa baseball-jersey/white
    04 playoff honors onil joseph rc auto #erd703/1000
    04 upper deck ichrio-authentic stars-jesery/grey
    04 upper deck ichrio-authentic stars-jersey/grey
    03 upper deck ichiro-leading swatches-GU jersey/white #erd 26/100-gold version
    03 fleer patch works carlos delgado-patch works-2 color patch #erd 9/100
    03 bowman shin soo choo-futures games/all star-jersey/gold
    03 Upper deck ivan rodriguez-authenic stars-jersey/white w/stripe
    03 upper deck rafel palmerio-leading standouts-jersey/grey
    03 upper deck adam dunn-leading swatches-jersey/white
    03 topps andrew jones-all star stitches-jersey/blacks
    03 topps mike lowell-all star stitches-jersey/black
    03 bowman pedro feliz-future fiber GU/bat
    02 topps-chipper jones-popular demand-jesery #erd415/1000
    02 ud craig biggio-retro star rookie-jesery
    02 UD MVP roberto alomar-mvp souviners-jersey/white
    02 ud arod-stich of nine-jesery (grey)
    02 ud arod honner roll grey jesery (grey)
    02 fleer authentix ripped grey jesery with stiching
    02 honor roll ivan rodriguez-honor roll-pants/white
    02 topps reserve a rod jesery
    02 fleer tradition lance berkman-game used hat-#erdout of 100
    02 stadium clue randy johnson-born in the USA-GU/bat
    02 E-X chipper jones-hit and run-GU/bat
    02 E-X scott rolen-behind the numbers-jersey/grey
    02 E-X ivan rodriguez-behind the numbers-jersey/grey
    02 leaf rookies & stars lance berkman-viewmasters-jesery/red- #erd 46/100
    02 leaf rookies & stars ivan rodriguez-statistical standout-NO BV
    01 mvp double bat-carlos delgado/jose vidro
    01 fleer futures nate rolison-september call ups-GU/bat #erd137/200
    01 ud andrew jones/rafael furcal-gold glove- game usedball
    01 ud sammy sosa/rondell white-gold glove-game usedball with stiching
    00 black diamond adam everett rc/jersey-grey
    00 ud mvp-larry walker -glove
    00 black diamond adam everett rc/jesery-grey
    00 topps stars lance berkman game gear game used used bat
    00 sp GU edition phil nevin-peice of the game-gu/bat (sp)


    98 playoff momentum john elway-jersey-blue
    99 ud mvp doug flutie game used souviners (ball)
    99 playoff doug flutie,eric moulds jeserys--white jersey flutie--blue jersey moulds
    00 playoff momentum preist holmes dual jersey team checklist/both jerseys purple
    00 fleer tim couch game uniformailty (pants)
    00 ud mvp keyshawn johnson game used souviners (ball)
    01 titanium mike anderson jersey-blue/jamal lewis jersey-purple
    01 Topps Archives Bart Star-Football Reprint Relic-GU Seat
    01 ud jamal lewis game gear (jesery)
    01 playoff jamal lewis-leather and laces-ball #erd182/275
    01 donruss classic jamal lewis hashmarks (piece of turf)
    01 donruss classic edgerrin james hashmarks (piece of turf)
    01 ud randy moss-mvp souvenirs-game used ball
    01 ovation koren robinson-rookie gear-jersey/blue
    01 ovation fred taylor-training gear-jersey/dirtty white
    01 sp authenic fred taylor-stats-jersey/white #erd 946/1999
    01 ud mvp jr redman mvp rookie souviners ball withblack stripes
    01 fleer authority kevin johnson-goal line gear (hat)brown w/stiching
    01 invincible kevin johnsonjesery-brown-#erd 194/250
    01 fleer gametime kevin johnson-pants-white
    01 titanium bill gramatica/marcel shipp dual jersey-both white
    01 Fleer Focus Jesse Palmer-Rookie Premiere Jersey-jersey/Blue
    02 Pacific Michael Vick-GU Jersey/Black
    01 titanium herman moore/germane crowell dual jersey both blue
    02 sp authenic joey harrington-jersey-blue
    02 leaf rc and stars ashley lelie-rookie masks-dual gu facemask #erd 216/250
    02 leaf rc and stars clinton portis-freshamn orientation-GU jersey/blue
    02 leaf rc and stars joey harrington-rookie mask-dual fase mask #erd 128/250
    02 leaf rc and stars joey harrinton-freshman orientation-jersey-#erd 626/650
    02 flair jabbar gaffney franchise tools dual-bluejersey-ball w/ stripe
    02 leaf rc and stars Quincy morgan Dress for success-dual jersey/brown and other is a 2 color patch brown/white #erd187/400
    02 private stock titanium jonathan wells RC jersey/dark blue #erd420/435
    02 heads update jake plummer-PATCH-1 color/red w/stiching #erd 7/215
    02 playoff prestige shaun alexander-stars of the NFL-jersey/blue #erd 75/300
    02 pravite stock titanum donovan mcnabb jesery-green swatch
    02 UD MVP charlie gardner-mvp souviner-jersey/red
    02 Fleer Genuine Ray Lewis-Genuine Article-jersey/white/w/seams
    03 Fleer Showcase Donovan McNabb-Avant Cards-jersey/white #erd966/999
    03 Flair Ray Lewis-Canton Calling-jersey/white
    03 fleer avant taylor jacobs jersey/white #erd 22/250
    03 topps all american jaret johnson-fabric of america-jersey/red
    03 fleer mystique clinton portis/travis henery/william green-rare finds-portis jersey #erd 223/299
    03 fleer mystique clinton portis/travis henery/william triple jersey #erd 115/150 a different shades of white
    03 fleer avant REX GROSSMAN #ERD14/250-WHITE
    03 fleer avant edgerrin james #erd 20/250-blue/patch!
    03 fleer avant edgerrin james #erd 32/250-white
    03 fleer platinum justin fargas-red-alma materials collage(jeserys)
    03 fleer platinum carson palmer-white-alma materials collage(jeserys)
    03 fleer platinum ken dorsey-white-looks like a PATCH-alma materials collage(jeserys)
    03 fleer platinum julius peppers-white-alma materials collage(jeserys)
    03 fleer mystique dual jersey michael bennett-purple /randy moss-white-aw pairs-#erd 155/199
    03 fleer mystique keyshawn johnson/mike alstott-dual jersey-both different shades of white #erd83/199
    04 Flair jeremy shockey-hot numbers-GU PATCH-3 colors w/ some kinda of lettering!!!! #erd 40/80
    04 fleer platinum michael clayton-all pro materials-jersey/red #erd75/250(bucs)
    04 flair torry holt-hot numbers-green version-jersey/blue
    04 platium deuce mcallister-platinum memorabila-jersey/white
    04 platinum bryant westbrook-platinum memorabila-jersey/white
    04 ultra travis henry-season crowns-gold-jersey/blue #erd87/99
    04 bazooka greg jones-jersey/white
    04 bazooka ed redd-bazooka all stars-jersey/white with lots of glitter
    04 bazooka jerome woods-bazooka all stars-jersey/white
    04 bazooka ruben brown-bazooka all stars-jersey/white with lost of glitter
    04 topps draft picks and prospects bobby mccray-big doggs-jersey/red
    04 hoops hot prospects kevin jones-hot materials-jersey/blue #erd139/500
    04 playoff hogg heaven roy williams(lions)-leather and lace-ball/lace-#erd 9/25
    04 leaf certified materials charles rodgers-certified potential-TAG!! has #'s "03" on tag..#ERD 1/1!!! 1 MADE!!!
    04 Leaf rc and stars Roy Williams (WR) Dual face mask #erd 273/325
    04 flair joey harrington-gridiron cuts-jersey/white green version
    04 playoff hogg heavens-leather quads-QUAD PATCH!!!-steve mcnair/white...eddie george/red from stars???...
    jevon kearse/baby blue,white,dark blue....derrick mason/white/dark blue/white/baby blue #erd 17/25
    04 topps steve smith-supertix-actual super bowl ticket stub on card!(HTG)
    04 topps david givens-game breakers-superbowl GU pylon(HTG)
    05 Absoulte team quads-quad jerseys-jake delhomme/white-julius peppers/blue/white/blue-deshaun foster/white/blue/black-stephen davis/black #erd 4/5!!
    05 Donruss Gridiron Kerry Colbert-Next Generation-Logo Patch-panthers wiskers #erd6/10


    97 edge shareef abdur-rahim-game used ball
    97 edge stephon maurbury game used ball (ball withthick black stripe in it)
    00 fleer stephon maurbury feel the game (jesery)
    00 spx winning materials wally szczerkiak (2 jeserys)
    00 upper deck gary payton-GU floor
    00 triple crown mike miller-warm up jacket/black
    01 UD mvp richard hamilton-GU ball w/logo man on ball!!!(if your not wanting to trade way over bv on this one..then dont ask!!)
    01 ud grant hill-ud game jesery- 3 color patch!!
    01 black diamond chris mihm rookie-jersey #ERD680/900
    01 black diamond jeromeno moiso rookie-jersey #ERD864/1750
    01 topps stadium club jason kidd game-jersey
    01 stadium club jason kidd-stroke of genius-jersey/dark purple
    01 mvp david robison/derick anderson game used ball with writting on it
    01 bowman mamadou n'diaye-jersey/dark blue
    01 ud insirations stephon marbury-hardwood imagery-floor/blue
    01 ud insirations loren woods rc/theo ratliff dual patch/both 2 colors each #erd604/1100
    01 ud insirations jason brewer rc/baron davis dual jesery/brewer white w stripe/davis aqua #erd 475/1100
    01 topps xpressions jason williams class challange allstar jesery
    01 fleer maximum keithe van horn-maxiumumpower-jesery/dark blue
    01 ud game jesery mateen cleaves (jesery)
    01 ud reserve mateen cleaves nba start ups (jesery)
    01 ud hardcourt anfernee hardaway game floor (floor)
    01 ud hardcourt eddie jones-floor-2 colors!!
    02 flair steve francis-court kings-warm up/red
    02 spx winning materials-warm ups-kevin garnet-black-wally szczerbiak-black
    02 hoops hot prospects drew gooden/carlos boozer dual jersey-hot tandems #erd197/100
    02 ud get glass kevin garnett-get real-jersey/aqua
    02 fleer authentix chris webber jersey/black ripped
    02 topps pristine tim duncan-popular demand- shooting shirt/white
    02 fleer showcase darius miles-best of the west-jersey/white
    02 fleer force reggie miller-true colors-jesery/blue #erd63/400
    02 Fleer Premium A Cut Above Jamal Mashburn GU Jersey-w/2 purple stripes
    02 Fleer Premium Court Colection Alonzo Mourning-Warm-Up-w/stiching
    02 ultra elton brand-jesery-red
    02 ulta baron davis-jesery-aqua w/ white stripe
    02 topps xpectations joe johnson-jersey/purple
    02 fleer tradition school ties jason williamjesery/black with mike miller
    02 fleer tradition school ties andre millerjesery/white with van horn
    02 fleer authentix ray allen jesery/purple ripped
    02 fleer authentix stromile swift jesery/black ripped
    02 fleer authentix shawn marion jesery/purple ripped
    02 fleer authentix lamar odom jesery/blue ripped
    02 fleer authentix grant hill jesery/white ripped
    02 fleer authentix chris webber jesery/black ripped
    02 fleer authenix dikembe mutombo jersey/white
    02 fleer authenix karl malone jersey/purple
    02 fleer authentix glenn robinson-jersey/white
    02 fleer authentix darius miles-jersey/white
    02 fleer premuim jason terry-a cut above-jersey/red w/seams
    02 upper deck joe smith-uniform greatness-jersey/black
    02 upper deck stromile swift-awesome authentics-jersey/white #erd 239/250
    02 hoops hot prospects jared jefferies-hot materials-jersey/blue
    02 upper deck derek fisher-nba finals fabrics-jersey/yellow
    02 hopps stars fred jones-future stars-shirt/dark blue
    02 topps xpactions-shane battier-class challange-shorts/black
    03 UD rookie exclusive pedja stojakovic-jersey/purple
    03 Flair final edition Elton brand-hot numbers/blue version-jersey/white #erd141/250
    03 bazooka-jarvis hayes-bazooka beginnings-jersey/black
    03 bazooka-luke ridnor-bazooka beginnings-jersey/green
    03 bazooka-jason kapono-bazooka beginnings-baseball style jersey/marron
    03 bazooka marcus fizer-boo yah-jersey/black
    03 topps pristine jamal mashburn-pristine generals-jersey/yellow
    03 upper deck ndudi ebi/kendrick perkins dual jersey-ebi/aqua-perkins/green
    03 bazooka ndudu ebi-bazooka beginnings jersey-black
    03 ultra nene-leaps and bounds-jersey/white
    03 fleer mystique caron butler-shining moments-jersey/white
    03 fleer avant dahntay jones-jersey/white
    03 fleer platinum tyshaun prince-name plates-4 color PATCH!!#ERD 51/455
    03 ultra richard jefferson leap and bounds 3 color jersey
    03 fleer patchworks jason richardson-licensed apparel-3 color patch! #erd14/50
    03 ud triple dimensions baron davis-triple 3 d PATCH!!-3 colors #erd 5/25!!
    04 fleer showcase manu ginobili-playmakers-5 color patch w/lots of stiching #erd11/20
    04 skybox premium Karl malone-buyback patch-4 colors #erd 17/18!!!!
    04 UD Honor Roll Marcus Banks-Futrue Honors-rc/jersey #115 #erd 170/499
    04 ultra kevin garnett-scoreing kings-jersey/white
    04 fleer authenix emeka okafor-draft day ticket-(actual draft ticket stub)with lots of writting on ticket!!!!!
    04 topps jersey edition theo ratliff-jersey/2 types of red with and w/out holes
    04 UD all star line up jason richardson-diamond collection-jersey/black
    04 skybox LE elton brand-jersey/white
    04 skybox LE ray allen-jersey/green #erd85/99
    04 topps mp3 zydrunas llgauskas-framed jersey/white
    04 topps mp3 ben wallace-framed jersey/white with red threads
    04 topps mp3 glen robinson-framed jersey/black
    04 fleer sweet sigs jason kidd-hardcourt heroics-jersey/white
    04 fleer fresh ink baron davis-property of-jersey/white #erd57/199
    05 UD Rookie Debut kenyon martin-debut threads-jersey/white
    05 bazooka josh childress-admission-jersey/red
    05 bazooka shaun livington-admission-jersey/blue
    05 UD trilogy Ben gordon-cutting edge-jesery/white
    05 bazooka peja stojakovic-bazooka adventures-jersey/purple
    05 topps chrome elton brand-refined remants-jersey/white #erd311/412
    05 UD trilogy Steve francis swatches of stardom-jersey/red #erd 27/50
    05 topps luxury box-3 point play-dwight howard/steve francis/cuttino mobley-triple Gu jersey #erd 373/450
    05 UD Antonio Davis-Game Jerseys-jersey/white
    05 UD Andris Biedrins-Rokkie Review Materials-Jersey/Orange
    05 UD Grant Hill-Allstar Weekend Authentics-Jersey/blue
    05 UD hardcourt Steve Nash-Hardcourt Materials-Jersey/Purple

    *****baseball autos******

    98 UD retro Paul Konerko-autograph
    99 sp authentic sean casey sp chriography
    99 Skybox Carlos Beltran-autograph #erd 12/50
    02 select rcs & prospects brent abernathy-autograph
    02 Leaf Joe Crede-Clube House signature-autograp #erd67/200
    03 spx alejandro machado-rc jersey/auto #erd 100/1224
    03 topps eric hinske-autograph
    03 bowman brian slocum-autograph
    03 donruss champions kip wells-strikeout leaders-autograph #erd32/500-kips jersey #
    03 Donruss signature series-matt williams-100 century notations-autographed with 2001 WS inscribed #erd94/100
    03 donruss champions jon leicester-rc autograph- #erd 349/480
    04 bowman best josh labandeira-rc autograph
    04 donruss team heroes daniel cabera-autograph
    04 diamond prosigs jason michaels-sign collection-autograph
    04 playoff absoulte bonnie blair-fan of the game autograph(vhtg)
    04 National pastime-adam evertt-sign of the future-blue autographed-stamped 1/1!!!!!!
    04 Spx Colby Miller RC/Autograph/Jersey w/ stripe #erd 480/799
    04 Spx Horacio Ramirez-Young Stars-Autograph/Jersey #erd 266/999

    *****football autos*****

    93 Proline Sterling Sharpe-autograph
    99 sp players ink akili smith
    99 sp sign edition tim brown-auto (htg)
    00 fleer isaac bruce autograph
    02 sage jerry porter-rc autograph #erd 254/650
    00 spx travis prentice-rc auto/jesery #erd 1472/2000
    01 topps debut anthony thomas #105 rc/auto #erd98/499
    01 spx james jackson-rc auto/jesery #erd 350/550
    02 sage jeremy shockey RC autograph #erd 215/260-blue ink(only Ft for an HOF)
    02 playoff prestige-santana moss-sophmore signatures-autograph
    02 playoff prestige justin smith-sophmore signatures-autograph
    03 playoff honors seneca wallace-prime signatures-rc autograph #erd 35/300
    03 SP signature edition Chad pennington-autograph
    03 press pass wayne hunter autograph-copper version
    03 topps all american jason thomas-all american autograph
    03 standing O andre davis (WR)-standing O signature-autograph
    03 Bowman Reserve Daunte Culpepper-Autograph
    04 press pass vince wilfork autograph-blue ink #erd 14/200
    04 playoff contenders marcus tubbs-rookie ticket auto-black ink
    04 playoff contenders will smith-rookie ticket auto-black ink
    04 playoff contenders maurice mann-rookie ticket auto-blue ink
    04 UD sweet spot jeff smoker rc/auto/helment-gold version #erd 57/100
    04 leaf certified materials triandos luke rc autograph #197 #erd 817/1000
    04 playoff hog heaven michael jenkins-rookie hoggs-ball/auto-silver auto #erd 5/150
    04 topps deangelo hall-rookie premiere-autograph
    04 bowman sean payton-coaching prospects-autograph-cowboys QB coach(vhtg)
    05 UD Foundations Derek Anderson-Signature Foundations-RC Autograph
    05 UD Foundations JJ Arrington rc autograph #223 #erd678/699
    05 Ultimate Collection JJ Arrington RC autograph #221 #erd170/225

    ******basketball autos*****

    92 classic alonzo mourning-rc autograph #erd 1482/1992 htg
    93 classic jamal mashburn rc auto
    95 signature rookies jerry stackhouse-draft gemsauto-#erd 172/525
    97 sp authentic avery johnson-sign of the time -autograph
    99 UD MVP Derek Fisher-prosign-autograph
    99 skybox haywood workman-autograph (have 3)
    99 skybox cory carr-autograph
    99 skybox dion glover-autograph(have 2)
    99 skybox vladimir stepania-autograph
    99 skybox devean george-autograph (have 2)
    99 skybox paul grant-autograph
    00 sage alonzo moruning autograph #erd 35/80 htg
    00 press pass SE mark madesen-autograph
    00 fleer baron davis-rc autograph
    00 sp authentic steve francis-sign of the time-autograph
    01 sage hit samuel dalembert-rc autograph
    01 sahe hit richard jefferson-rc auto
    01 sp game floor edition-steve francis-GU floor/autograph #erd150/200
    01 sp authentic kenyon martin-sp signatures-#erd 147/390
    02 press pass amare stoudemire-autograph
    02 sp authentic nikoloz tskitishvili-rc/auto #erd 633/1500
    02 sp authentic nene hilario-rc/auto-#erd 274/1500
    02 upper deck generations david thompson-autograph
    02 ovation quentin richardson-ovation signatures-auto
    02 sage tito maddox-autograph #erd 115/500
    02 sage bostjan nachbar-autograph #erd 126/440
    02 UD sweet shot dajuan wagner-signature shots-autoed ball
    02 spx fred jones rc auto/jesery-blue(want another spx rc auto for this)
    02 bowman signature nen hilario rc auto/jesery #erd 544/999
    02 bowman signature juan dixon-auto/jesery #erd932/999(vhtg)
    03 sp authentic kenyon martin-autograph-only by redemtion #54A
    03 sp authentic reece gaines-rc/auto level 2 #erd 284/1250
    03 bowman luke walton-signs of the future-auto rc
    04 skybox fresh ink kirk snyder-fresh ink-autograph #erd 64/99
    04 finest mickael pietrus rc auto #erd 176/999 level 2
    04 SP Authentic Tony Parker-sp signatures-autograph
    04 topps mp3 tony parker-framed autograph-packed pulled
    04 topps mp3 luke walton-framed autograph-packed pulled
    05 UD trilogy Al Jefferson-auto focus-glass auto-autoed "BIG AL"(HTG)
    05 UD Hardcourt Antonie Wright-Hardcourt Signatures
    05 Reflections derek fisher-autograph

  2. Kronozio
  3. #2
    02 leaf rc and stars ashley lelie-rookie masks-dual gu facemask #erd 216/250
    02 leaf rc and stars clinton portis-freshamn orientation-GU jersey/blue

    how much?? what about just each of them seperate?

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    Like these;

    04 Leaf rc and stars Roy Williams (WR) Dual face mask #erd 273/325
    02 playoff prestige-santana moss-sophmore signatures-autograph

    Please check my tradelist.

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    04 Flair jeremy shockey-hot numbers-GU PATCH-3 colors w/ some kinda of lettering!!!! #erd 40/80

  9. #8
    03 fleer platinum tyshaun prince-name plates-4 color PATCH!!#ERD 51/455

    I can still use that. Check my site on it.

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    edygriff21 do you have anything else not listed

    ddbleek looking for 1 nice soild auto that boks at $100,thats what it books at

    steelerfan sorry but didint see anything

    eric very nice stuff on your site..see anything else as everything i liked was higher than the prince

  11. #10
    I like these...

    98 playoff momentum john elway-jersey-blue
    04 Leaf rc and stars Roy Williams (WR) Dual face mask #erd 273/325

    99 sp sign edition tim brown-auto (htg)

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