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Thread: Updated trade list

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    Updated trade list

    Please check my site and let me know


  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    I could use these:

    2005 absolute memorabilia:
    bo jackson absolute heroes

    Epix 3rd Down Orange-Cadillac Williams 52/400

    Walter Payton/Barry Sanders Autumn Warriors

    plmk the bvs. I could trade rookies and inserts for these in your favor. who do you collect? what are the bvs? are all of these inserts? lmk

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    renidadawg-yes these are all inserts (no game used on any) here are the bv's:

    bo jackson-10

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    i dont really collect anyone in particular-id like to trade for one nice card maybe

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    well, not really looking to get those cards for one nice cards, since they are just decent inserts.

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