Ive got at least 200 football cards-With a book value over $600.00 and i looked each card up myself-Most of them may be common rookie cards-But some are not-These cards only came out of the 2005 Topps Chrome-Bowmans Best-Bowman Chrome-Topps Heritage-So there from the better brands-Theres even some freebies in this lot-Like a 2004 rookie card of Roy Williams-This rookie card is from the Topps Pristine set-#141 But is of the Gold Refractor version-And is serial numberd to only #39/99-And theres five Serial numberd rookie cards-With two of them being autographed-And there of Noah Herron and the other is of Gino Guiduglinumber is THC3 and is of the SP version -The card that has like a wood design around the player on the front-Theres two freebies-That are of Michael Vick-There 2001 Topps RC of him #311-And even a 2006 Topps Heritage Rookie auto card of Alex Smith-That plays Tight End for the Bucks-Theres some rookie cards that are worth over ten bucks apiece-As said-theres over $600 here in all-Im looking to TRADE/SELL if trading im giving who ever i trade with a disscount-Lets say if they offer me a two hundred dollor card or so-of what im looking for or like-Ide give them all to you for it-And in cash-Make me a offer-because ide give you a GREAT DEAL--Im looking for in trade-Baseball vintage star card-or of there game used or autoed-and the same goes for todays star players-Or Albert Pujols RC-auto-exct-or RC of other star players-Ide even accept unopend--So get a offer into me for a CASH/TRADE deal Thanks