Ive got about 132 of these vintage 1971 Topps Football cards-And besides some of them having just slight surface touches on some of the corners-They look great-The most of any wear is on the front-Because the backs of the cards look to have great looking corners-They all have great color-And do not think any have any creases-And if there is0theres not many-These are not all common cards-Theres some star cards and rookies-Heres just some of the ones that are included-And i can send other scans if anyone wants them-Heres some of the players--
Joe Namath #250
John Unitas #1
O.J. Simpson #260
Dick Butkus #25
Marty Schottenheimer #3
Garyo Yepremian #121
George Blanda #39
Bubba Smith #53
Don Maynard #19
John Brodie #100
Alan Page #71
Willie Lanier #114
Larry Csonka #45
Mercury Morris
Charlie Taylor #26

And all kinds of others-With some booking in prices-Im really only looking for a pack pulled auto card of Terry Bradshaw or Brett Favre-And do have a 200 rookie card lot from 2005 rookies that ide add in if needed-
Otherwise-im looking for Albert Pujols Rookies-Game Used-Autoed or the same of most other star players-like Ripken-Nolan Ryan-Alex Rodriguez-Derek Jeter-Or higher priced rookie cards from the Bowman Chrome product years--If wanting to offer a cash deal-Just make me a offer-as because you know the value here-if you were to look them up--Or just make me a offer with some newer stuff-boxes-do not have to be this years in baseball-Would like to get my hands on some of the new Topps Tripple threads or auto cards