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  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    If you have a wantlist I can go through them and see. lmk

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    Justin Upton(ARZ)
    Alex Gordon(KC)
    Jeff Clement(SEA)
    Ryan Zimmerman(WAS)
    Ryan Braun(MIL)
    Ricky Romero(TOR)
    Wade Townsend(TB)
    Andrew Mccutchen(PIT)
    Joey Devine(ATL)
    Craig Hansen(BOS)
    Cliff Pennington(OAK)
    Lastings Milledge(NYM)
    Michael Pelfrey(NYM)
    OTHER 05 Draftees(ALL TEAMS)
    Matt Cain(SF)
    Shin Choo-Choo(SEA)
    BJ UPTON!!!!!!!(TB)
    Scott Kazmir(TB)
    Rich Harden(OAK)
    Dan Haren(OAK)
    Joe Blanton(OAK)
    Nick Swisher(OAK)
    Dan Johnson(OAK)
    Brian N. Anderson(CHW)
    Joey Gathright(TB)
    Hanley Ramirez(FLA)
    Josh Barfeild(SD)
    Ian Kinsler(TEX)
    Felix Rodriguez(SEA)
    Zach Duke(PIT)

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    YaoFan11 - If I give you a list of players, can you see if you have 1 base card of each? Doesn't matter what brand. I'm going to use them to get autographs.
    - Andy

    Beckett Basketball Plus Super Collector - Spring '06
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