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Thread: 3 pack First Row break

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    3 pack First Row break

    I went to the card shop today to see what singles they had because I was thinking of trading my Colts cards off (I live in Indiana) for basketball. I picked up the new Beckett and, of course, couldn't resist busting some wax. I didn't do too bad at all. No autos or gu, but still nice. Here's what I got.

    1st pack
    Rashad McCants rc #/ 264/325
    Tracy McGrady Baseline #/ 006/149
    Tim Duncan base
    Chris Webber base

    2nd pack
    Nate Robinson rc #/ 098/325
    Shaun Livingston black & white parallel #/ 002/225
    Ryan Gomes rc #/ 437/549
    Shareef Abdur-Rahim base

    3rd pack
    Sam Cassell black & white parallel #/ 051/225
    Andre Miller base
    Josh Childress base
    Pau Gasol Thunder magenta printing plate 1/1

    The first 1/1 I ever hit so it made me pretty happy. Overall, I think this product looks pretty sweet. I wouldn't mind picking up a box, but I'm sure Beckett will price the stuff low since so many numbered parallels.

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    It looks pretty sweet. The First Row printing plates look awesome with the border around them, I think. Much better than the other printing plates I've seen of Topps. I'm wondering what trade value it would carry.

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    Man those are some great busts. A couple of rc's numbered and a parallel plus a 1/1! That's great. Wish I could have busts like that.

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    im interesetd in this

    Pau Gasol Thunder magenta printing plate 1/1

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    I'm about to go get something to eat. I'll check your list here in a little bit and PM you.

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    I like the Channing Frye Reflections patch and Hakim Warrick Signature Shots auto. What do those book for?

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