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    I was bidding on this

    was winning the whole way through & ended up having to bring the pregnant wife into hospital last night & someone beat me with a last minute bid.


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    more importantly how is the wife? though

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    Quote Originally Posted by arkaneinc
    more importantly how is the wife? though

    She's fine baby just wants to come out before it's time.

    Sucks allright I do all my bidding on the U.S e-bay so the different time zones can be a killer for late bids( could be ending @ 4 or 5 in the morning my time)

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    Use an auction sniping backup! Well worth the quater or 1% AND you can cancel you snipe up to 5 minutes before the auction ends if you are actually at home watching. Save yourself time, money and worries!

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    I hate auction snipers
    Ive lost a whole bunch of rare craytons to them

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