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Thread: Basketball For Baseball Cards

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    Basketball For Baseball Cards

    Ok here are the cards I got up for trade [All Base Set]:
    Karl Malone Fleer 94-95 Mint
    Dikembe Mutombo 94-95 UD Collectors Choice Mint
    Latrell Sprewell 92-93 Fleer Ultra [Rookie] Near Mint
    Jamal Mashburn 93-94 Skybox Premium [Rookie] Near Mint
    Chris Webber [2] 93-93 Skybox Premium [Rookie] Near Mint

    I am interested in [All baseball]:
    Game Used Cards
    Andruw Jones
    Albert Pujols
    Barry Bonds
    Derek Jeter
    Alex Rodriguez
    And a lot of different other players so start making offers! :)

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    Sorry about me posting a basketball trade in a football trade forum. I feel so stupid. :} O well I guess I should now go over to the Basketball trade forum to post this.

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