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    Trading for 2005 topps all american chrome

    I need most of them...i really don't care if I already have them or not...lmk what you have and we'll get something worked out...I am trying to put these sets together...thanks for your help!!! lmk thanks

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    I have two :
    Tommy Kramer card # 44 113/555

    Mark May card # 12 408/555

    I have interest in the David Carr #ed to 999
    LMK Thanks

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    I have a Bruce Matthews Gold Chrome /555

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    I could use them from both of ya'll!! the carr #ed to 999 actually just went out earlier this afternoon, if both of you could tell me what you need, we'll get something worked out!!!

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    Looking for Charlie Fyre ,Deshaun Foster, Roscoe Parrish,Josh Cribbs, Leron Mc Coy that my list right now.

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    I have a topps pristine charlie frye I could trade for the two of them..would you do that trade?!?!

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    cool man here is my for the trade man!!! also could you tell me whether they are silver or gold?!?! thanks man

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    OK the Tommy Kramer is silver and Mark May is gold. Do you want me to post trade or not.LMK

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    for sure it, I need them!!! thanks

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