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Thread: huge upperdeck gu'd list

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    huge upperdeck gu'd list

    let me know if you need any of looking for ichiro game used or chrome rcs. also looking for basketball stars. thanks!!
    ...let me know if u wanna see a scan of a card.. and ill scan it for ya!!

    05-06 spx winning materials:
    rashard lewis-black/black
    michael finley-white-green
    peja stojakovic-purple/purple
    stephon marbury-grey/blue
    gilbert arenas-blue/white
    chris webber-purple/white

    05-06 spx winning combos:
    loul deng/tyson chandler-red/white
    ryan bowen/stromile swift-white/black
    kareem rush/gerald wallace-yellow/white
    jermaine oneal/jamaal tinsley-white/white........oneal has blue pinstipe
    jason terry/devin harris-red/white
    corey magette/elton brand-black/blue
    linas kleiza/kenyon martin-white/white
    andre kirilenko/carlos boozer-blue/red

    05-06 sp game used fabrics dual:
    jermaineoneal/ron artest-yellow/blue......(25/50)
    ronald murray/vladimir radmanovic-white/white.....(24/50)

    05-06 sp game used authentic fabrics gold:
    darius miles-red.....(004/100)
    willie green-black.....(088/100)

    05-06 sp game used authentic fabrics:
    steve francis-blue
    jameer nelson-blue
    brian cook-yellow
    andris biedrins-orange
    malik rose-white
    jamaal magliore-teal
    kwame brown-white
    antonio mcdyess x2-one blue & one white
    bernard robinson x2-both white

    04-05 sp authentic rookie fabrics:
    andre emmett-blue

    04-05 spx winning materials:
    baron davis-black/teal
    dajuan wagner-red/white
    jamal crawford-black/red

    04-05 spx winning combos:
    paul pierce/al jefferson-green/white
    shareef abdur raheem/darius miles-white/white

    04-05 sp game used numbers:
    eddy curry-white

    04-05 sp game used niumbers gold:
    jason williams(heat)-white.....(003/100)
    juan dixon-blue.....(093/100)

    04-05 sp game used authentic fabrics:
    lamar odom-black
    drew gooden-white
    jamal mashburn-teal
    penny hardaway-white
    morris peterson-white

    03-04 ud glass superlative swatches:
    jason richardson-white

    03-04 ud glass premier issue:
    david west-white

    03-04 sp game used authentic fabrics gold:
    rasual butler-red.....(011/100)

    03-04 sp game used authentic fabrics:
    allan houston-black
    melvin ely-white
    shareef abdur raheem-white
    morris peterson-white
    nikoloz tskitishvili-blue

    03-04 sweet shot game jersey:
    baron davis-teal
    ray allen-white
    shawn marion-white

    03-04 sweet shot swatches:
    latrell spreewell-blue
    eddy curry-red
    jermaine oneal-blue.....with yellow pinstripe

    03-04 ud glass game gear:
    rasheed wallace-white
    shawn marion-purple

    03-04 ud glass superlative swatch:
    andre miller-blue
    karl malone-black

    03-04 spx winning materials:
    andre miller-red shooting shirt/blue warmup
    richard jefferson-grey shooting shirt/blue jersey
    kurt thomas-black shorts/white jersey
    antonio mcdyess-gold shooting shirt/white warmup
    hjason richardson x2-both white shooting shirt/white warmup
    nene hilario- blue shooting shirt/blue warmup
    paul pierce-green jersey/green warmup
    jamal mashburn- teal jersey/purple warmup
    jamal mashburn- black jersey/purple warmup
    vlade divac-black jersey/black warmup

    03-04 winning combos:
    gilbert arenas/jason richardson-blue warmup/white warmup
    carlos boozer/chris mihm- white warnup/black warmup
    keith van horn/aaron mckie-black warmup/blue warmup
    juwon howard/nene hilario-red warmup/blue warmup
    penny hardaway/joe johnson-black warmup/black warmup
    desmond mason/gary payton-green warmup/green warmup
    marko jaric/andre miller-red warmup/red warmup
    andre kirelinko/deshawn stevenson-black warmup/black warmup
    shareef abdur raheem/jason terry-black warmup/blackwarmup
    demarr johnson/jason terry-black warmup/white warmup
    dikembe mutumbo/brandon armstrong-black warmup/blue warnup
    quentin richardson/lamar odom x2-both black warmup/blue warmup

    03-04 upperdeck (other):
    all star weekend authentics: jamal mashburn-teal
    championship drive: chris webber-black
    premier issues: sam clancy-black
    inspirations dual: tamar slay/richard jefferson-whitw/white.....(0777-1500)
    west coast/east coast:
    michael olowokandi/jermaine oneal-red/blue
    antwan jamison/steve blake-blue/blue

    02-03 spx winning combos:
    stephon marbury/shawn marion-black warmup/black warmup
    eddy curry/tyson chandler-black warmup/black warmup
    shareef abdur raheem/demarr johnson-black wamrup/black warmup

    02-03 spx winning materials:
    paul pierce-white shooting shirt/white warmup
    stephon marbury-purple shooting shirt/black warmup
    shawn marion-purple shooting shirt/black warmup
    antonio mcdyess-blue jersey/black warmup
    chris webber-purple jersey/black warmup

    02-03 sweet shot jersey:
    joe smith-blue
    keith van horn-white
    jamal mashburn-teal
    hedo turkoglu-white

    02-03 sweet swatches:
    karl malone x2-both purple
    andre miller-white

    02-03 upperdeck (other):
    rookie threads: rodney white-red
    cool cats: richard jefferson-blue
    reel time: stephon marbury-white
    uniform greatness:
    desmond mason-red
    devean george-yellow
    allan houston-black

    01-02 spx winning materials:
    john stockton x2-both black jersey/black shooting shirt
    karl malone x2-both black warmup/purple shorts
    mike miller-black warmup/black shooting shirt
    wally sczerbiak-black warmup/grey shooting shirt
    penny hardaway-purple0shorts/black warmup
    richard hamilton-blue warmup/blue shooting shirt
    lavor postell-blue shooting shirt/grey practice jersey

    01-02 sweet shot jersey:
    john stockton-4 color.....brown,white,teal,purple
    jamal mashburn-2 color.....teal green

    01-02 sweet shot rookie jersey:
    shane battier-black.....282/600
    eddie griffin-2 color blue/white.....044/600
    andre kirilenko-white.....0145/1200
    jamaal tinsley-blue w/yellow pinstripe.....0194/1200

    01-02 sp authentic rookie authentics:
    kedrick brown-white.....0497/1275
    jeryl sasser-2 color blue/dark blue.....0061/1275
    jarron collins-purple.....0341/1275

    01-02 sp authentic rookie film f/x:
    andre kirilenko.....539/550
    kedrick brown x2.....1075/1600 & 1549/1600
    bobby simmons.....1490/1600
    mengke bateer.....1146/1600

    01-02 ultimate game jersey:
    kwame brown-blue.....234/250

    01-02 ud jersey jams:
    glenn robinson-purple

    01-02 flight patterns:
    baron davis-teal
    jamal mashburn-teal
    al harrington-blue
    wally sczerbiak-blue
    quentin richardson-red
    bryon russell-black
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    linas kleiza/kenyon martin-white/white
    andre kirilenko/carlos boozer-blue/red
    john stockton-4 color.....brown,white,teal,purple
    andre kirilenko-white.....0145/1200
    andre kirilenko.....539/550
    kwame brown-blue.....234/250
    these are the cards that I would like. not saying that I need them all. Just find the cards that you want from my trade list and LMK how many of the cards I can get for those cards. thanks. I might be able to buy a couple of them. LMK

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