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    Bill Buckner

    A couple weeks ago I sent a LOR, one card, and a check for $10 (his requested fee) to Bill Buckner. Today the card came back unsigned in my SASE... And the envelope wasn't even sealed. The thing is, he cashed my check last week so it cost me ten bucks plus two stamps and two envelopes to end up with the same unsigned card I had in the first place.

    I'm pretty upset about this one. Would it be wrong of me to write him another letter asking why he would keep my money but not sign the card? Anyone ever had anything like this happen to them before?

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    No I would write back to him and ask him what the deal is? And request a refund of your money if he isn't going to sign your auto.
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    Same^^^^....... tell him you want your money back or sign your card. $10 is a ot of money (im 13) I could buy a book of stamps with that
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    I would write back politely, it is possible that he forgot to sign the card when going through a stack of mail and cards. Remind him that you sent a check which he cashed, and politely re-ask him to sign the card.
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