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Thread: i need some help

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    i need some help

    im lookin to get some new cards i just got a rookie debut box and i go a chris bosh jersey card a chris duhon auto and a daniel ewing auto which is pretty good but im lookin for a good box to buy can anybody help thanks

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    If you have the cash, I'd say Topps First Row. I got 3 packs and hit a Pau Gasol printing plate. The cards also look fantastic if you ask me. I wouldn't mind getting a box myself, but don't have the cash. If you don't have enough cash for that, then I'd say go with Topps Chrome. Hard to hit autos out of it, but you hit alot of nice rookies that book decent, a GU, and a ton of refractors (which I love ).

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    hey i can get u deal from
    if u want anything from them, boxes, pm me and i will get u a better deal, thanks

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