LAST TIME im going to post this-Ive got at least 200 football RC all from the 2005 products listed below-And im looking to SELL/TRADE who ever offers me the best offer first-I totaled these rookie card up-And theres like $600 high book-that i got the prices from the Beckett on line price guide-Most of these are common rookies-But theres plenty that are not-Im even adding in the 2004 Topps Pristine GOLD REFRACTOR ROOKIE of Roy Williams-thats serial numberd #39/99 along with a THC3 frome the 2005 Topps Heritage Chromed Carnell C Williams-Im not sure what version it is-But this card has the like wood boarder around the player-and its photo area is chromed-Im also adding in a few rookie autoes-Two from the 2005 Bowmans best-and one from Topps heritage-And even a Game Used Rookie card of Kevan Barlow out of the 2001 UD SP Game Used Edition #302/500

So if your wanting to make me a cash offer-It has to be paid through Pay-Pal and if wanting to trade-Make me a offer with a baseball vintage star card-or of his game used or autoed or both-And in todays baseball star players rookies or game used or autoed-Still looking for a real nice Albert Pujols rookie-or autoed-game used exct-Or make me a offer of newer unopend