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Thread: Racing fans must see!

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    Racing fans must see!

    Funny car racing is a blast in person. You can not get that thrill of 320 mph in a flash the way you can there. John Force and his beautiful daughters have been some of the best drivers out there. Yes, unlike Danica The Force Girls WIN! Anyways I was bouncing around today and was shocked to see what all they sold autographed in the gift shop! How about a not just signed pit shirts, but things like autographed race used pistons for $20? Tires, oil pans, belt and all sorts of race used and signed parts! The prices do go up, but amazing all the same! Am I the only one to think that this is amazing? Anyways I am sharing the site:

    Anyone know of other drivers who offer autographed race used items on their websites? Let us know! I could never imagine other sports stars doing this. Let me see let get the autographed Jeter game used item for $20 or the Tiger game used for $20 and have him sign it? That will never happen, but in racing it does?
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    Its been awhile since I've been to a NHRA event. But, you can buy that stuff at the drivers trailers also.
    The NHRA drivers are real easy to get autographs from
    Here is a some of my memorbilia collection.
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