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    Selling and Or Trading these Game Used (Duncan, T-Mac, Yao, #ed)

    Selling or Trading the following cards

    Upper Deck Star Rookie Cards .25 each
    Antonie Wright (x2)
    Johan Petro (x2)
    Joey Graham
    CJ Miles (x2)

    UD Reflections

    $3.00 each
    Corey Maggette Warm-Up White
    Andrei Kirilenko Shooting Shirt Dark Blue/Purple
    Stephon Marbur Warm-Up Purple
    Peja Stojakovic Shorts Red
    Baron Davis Warm-Up White

    $3.50 each
    Pau Gasol Warm-Up White x2
    Josh Smith Warm-Up x2 (one red, one black)
    Al Harrington Warm-Up (White)
    Jason Kidd Wawrm-Up White
    Richard Jefferson Shorts Grey
    Luol Deng Warm-Up Red

    Tim Duncan Shooting Shirt x2 (red)
    Tracy McGrady Warm-Up White
    Yao Ming Shooting Shirt Red
    Lamar Odom Jersey White
    Amare Stoudemire Warm-Up Blue
    JR Smith Shooting Shirt Teal
    Dirk Nowitzki Warm-Up Blue
    Baron Davis Warm-Up 2-color White/Red (white is above the red, red is behind the white warm-up)

    Paul Pierce Jersey Green and White (2 pieces) 33/50 $6
    Antawn Jamison Jersey White 67/100 $4.50
    Gilbert Arenas Warm-Up Blue 22/50 $5

    Also willing to trade for current Pistons or Knicks auto, gu or rookies (only accepting rookies of Channing Frye, Nate Robinson, Chris Paul, and Chris Bosh).

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    I have the prices listed, or i have listed cards that i am willing to trade them for. So what do you have to trade

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