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    Danny Green

    So, I'm mainly a hockey collector and don't really follow basketball all that much, but I bought a couple boxes of 12/13 Hoops this year just to put the base set together. Anyway, I pulled a Danny Green auto from my box not knowing anything about who this guy is, but I see he broke some 3-point record last night. My question is when would be a good time to trade/sell this card? Is he in the running for the palyoff MVP if the Spurs win?

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    Sell, he will never be higher than he is right now.

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    I would sell it now! He peaked, he has a very good chance of winning Finals MVP if the Spurs win.

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    Quote Originally Posted by seinfeld1 View Post
    I would sell it now! He peaked, he has a very good chance of winning Finals MVP if the Spurs win.
    Agreed there isn't much more in his career that this guy could do to spark more interest in his stuff. If you want to move it I would probably wait for them to win (if they do) and move it fast.
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    Yep, definitely move it now, or at least not long after the end of the Finals. This hobby is transient and ephemeral, and few will remember what Mr. Green did in the Finals five, ten, twenty years from now. Fans often forget context when they are in the moment, so prices will be high now, but he's a role player who worked well within a masterful system at the right time - not a player who will become a potential superstar or HOFer.
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